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The latest update to WizIQ, a learning management system for teachers and students, has brought the ability for up-to-date lesson plans and enrichment activities. The new features will help teachers create personalized instruction that is based on individual needs. They also provide more flexibility in how they teach their lessons.

Wiziq is a collaborative platform for online teaching. The company announced great new features, including the ability to create and share digital courses.

WizIQ (an official sponsor of ) unveiled today the Course Feed feature, which allows students and instructors to effortlessly engage with one another, exchange ideas, collaborate, and expand each other’s thinking in textual conversation whenever it is convenient for them. This feature is intended to function similarly to an online discussion forum, increasing student-to-teacher and student-to-student interactions. Asynchronous group-based learning is also made easy to organize and engage in using this functionality. All in one readily accessible place, links can be exchanged, information can be sought, and views can be discussed.

A one-step course creation procedure is also announced in the press release. To get started, teachers just need a Course Title. Later, further information may be added.


Teachers may use the Course Feed functionality to:

  • Challenge: Teachers may engage students in constructive debates so that everyone in the class can learn more about the topic.
  • Students may ask questions regarding assignments or exams to ensure that they grasp the instructor’s expectations.
  • Teachers may read and evaluate the comments and responses to better understand the problems, concerns, or ideas raised by the participants.
  • Students may actively engage by responding to current problems or conversations.
  • Teachers and students may communicate logistical information, such as a change in meeting time or the deadline for an assignment. Participants may also provide information about current events or news articles related to the topic they are studying.
  • Encourage: Students who need time to prepare their ideas will be able to engage more readily if they have a comfortable venue in which to express themselves.

WizIQ’s Background WizIQ is a business headquartered in Chandigarh (Mohali), India, with a Boston office. With almost 2 million registered users, WizIQ’s online learning and teaching platform links instructors and students via its WizIQ Virtual Classroom technologies and courses. WizIQ’s teaching tools are accessible through a web browser, an iPad app, and, most recently, an Android app. WizIQ’s products are unusual in that they are both personal and scalable enough to suit the requirements of universities and large training and teaching organizations.

The “wiziqxt app” is a new collaboration tool that allows students to create, share, and collaborate on work. It has great features for teachers as well.

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