Why Do Kids Go to Private School? 5 Reasons Why Private School Rocks

Private schools offer a lot of awesome benefits that public schools can’t provide. Whether it’s the smaller class size, individual attention from teachers, or fewer distractions, these things matter in education.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss our top five reasons why private school rocks! Keep reading to learn more.

1. Dedicated Teachers

The number one reason why private school rocks is because of the dedicated teachers. Private schools attract talented educators who are passionate about teaching. They don’t settle for any old teacher who needs work so they can pay their bills.

Teachers at boarding schools and private schools also rarely have to deal with discipline issues. This extra attention means private school teachers can spend more time getting to know your child better on an individual level. This also leads to higher quality education overall.

2. Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools have smaller class sizes, meaning students can get more one-on-one attention. In public schools, they group students in larger classrooms.

Often, they might not even know their classmates’ names! Classes at big public schools with over 500 students often feel like cattle pens instead of educational environments.

3. Networking Opportunities

Private school (especially if it’s a boarding school) gives kids the chance to meet people from all walks of life, from students in their grade, older ones they look up to, and even parents or administrators who come into the office for meetings with teachers.

These connections can provide lifelong friendships for your children. They also provide networking opportunities that may not exist in a public school setting.

Not only do private schools offer more future networking opportunities for children, but for you as well. Parents are highly involved in private schools, and some require parents to participate.

4. Resources

Private schools usually charge tuition, and some often have endowment funds. This means private schools have more resources at their disposal.

Tuition at a private school can be much higher than the cost of public education. Still, many students and their families find this to be worth it for the enhanced educational experience.

Private schools also often offer better facilities. Examples range from libraries with extensive collections or science labs with sophisticated equipment.

5. Private School Students Are More Likely to Get Into College

Data compiled by ACT found that private high school students were admitted into college at a greater rate than their public school peers.

The reason? Private schools have someone on staff specifically assigned to help kids apply for colleges.

They also offer plenty of opportunities for SAT prep courses or ACT tutoring. This extra help gives these teens an advantage when it comes time for admission decision day!

Let Your Kids See Why Private School Rocks

Private schools offer a unique opportunity for students to get the best education possible. Whether you’re looking into private school because your child needs more attention or just want them to have an opportunity not found at public schools, there are many reasons why private school rocks!

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