Who is Corinthia Edwards? The woman in Pastor Wilson!

Corinthia Edwards is a trend in social media and is best known as the wife of Pastor David Wilson’s video food box. Pastor Wilson is one of the most important predecessors of biblical ministries. The 16th. In October 2019 a video was released with a woman playing the role of a Singaporean.

Pastor Wilson’s Video Dining Box:

The most popular topic on social media platforms is the video of Pastor E. Wilson showing a pastor giving a verbal service. The woman posted a video on the internet that was so graphic that it had no connection with the investigation. He was considered a man of God and had previously said that anyone could condemn him for his last meal. A beautiful black woman will be able to do what he does for the community. At the end of the video, he used the F-word to get people to criticize him for his last dinner.

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Corinthians Edwards Theme:

Corinth Edwards has no right to betray her minister. Many assumptions have been made about online network media. As for the thought process for unloading the video, it is very convincing and is part of the video. Several clients, such as the Sisters of Corinth, have mentioned and respected the vocation of a preacher of the Bible.

Reverend David-Wilson-R-Corinthia Edwards-M and his wife Reverend David Wilson (R) Corinthia Edwards (M) and his wife

Father Wilson. E David:

Pastor David is a senior pastor in Bible ministry and also attends Southwest Bible College and seminars. He also runs a consulting firm in Texarkana and was one of the leaders of the Black Chamber of Commerce in Texarkana. He spoke about this role in an interview with the Plainview Daily Herald. He said he was just happy to be in a new place and do more and better.

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Response to Social Media:

Pastor Wilson’s social media account video, Eating the Box, generated thousands of funny jokes, memes, and controversies after his speech. On Twitter, there is already the hashtag #pastorwilson challenge and #pastorwilson. About ten thousand people commented on the video. The comments were similar to the video of a married pastor eating a box with another woman. This incident completely contradicts his sermons, and most of them called it hypocrisy.

Corinthia Edwards Facebook:

However, Corinthia Edward has deleted her social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram. Some fake accounts with similar names have been discovered. There were also screenshots taken off her Facebook profile before she deleted her account. Father Wilson is a married man living with his family. A Facebook user posted a photo with Corinthia Edward, a pastor, and his wife.

Final reflection:

Eventually, the social media platform took this step and removed the video from most user accounts. But the fact is, he’s always available for reference. Father Wilson was well aware that this was recorded when he lifted his head and looked at the camera.


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