When Will A School Become An International School?

What it is like to be called an “international” school?

Many are confused whether it is just by name or really has the international standard for education. Focusing on the school’s name can be misleading, and so it is vital to dig deeper into various educational standards.

What are international schools?

International schools exist across the world. In addition to that, a wide range of school systems may vary from one place to another. For example, the curriculum, terms, and even the facilities.

Some schools are international only by name. Over 300 new schools appear each year and less than 25% of that total number can be considered as international schools. However, this is inaccurate without a school adhering to the majority of the eight criteria given by the International Association of School Librarianship. Such criteria center on the student body, like where they come from.

Different Views About International Schools

According to Frank Anderson, educational programs should be the key point in recognizing international schools. He added, “As long as the school delivers IB curriculum and aims to produce global citizens, then it is an international learning system. International schools must also be accredited by the Ministry of Education, said Mr. Anderson.

Furthermore, Connie Buford admits that international school is not that easy to define. Other schools are teaching international subjects and yet not following the international curriculum. Connie, therefore, encourages students to learn another culture as they can take advantage of it for the rest of their lives.

Foreign teachers also have different views to put a school at the international level. It should meet international standards upon its curriculum, student body, and faculty. There are so-called top-tier requirements to be truly international.

There are more things to consider to reassure you if it is an international school. Their language should be wholly English to prevent any communication barriers. Also Read – 6 Different Things Your Child Might Learn at Preschool

The Growth of International Schools

In the past 10 years, there has been a rapid growth of international schools around the globe. There are almost 350 schools added in just one year. According to ISC Research, over 2 million students had enrolled in international schools. This number could possibly grow in the coming years.

As a result, plenty of teachers are having job opportunities abroad. It is due to the wide range of curriculum and organizations to support students upon reaching their dreams. The environment might be challenging to new employees but this is surely a high-paying job.

International students are then more advanced in terms of what they know than the other students. They can learn about different cultures and even life lessons coming from various personalities.

International Schools And Business

Educating people is one of the best ways to earn income. The K-12 program also applies in international schools which generates a higher annual income for the education sector. As international schools doubled in size, a lot of teachers and administrators are being employed. It is expected to increase in a span of 10 years.

In 2011, Asia reported over 200 new schools that added up to two-thirds of the annual income for the year. China also built 46 new schools for the expansion of foreign businesses. It is said that Chinese nationals are prohibited from foreign-owned schools hence they put international sections on their schools.

Wealthy families are looking for an English-based educational system for their children. Thus, the demand for international schools continues to rise. Among the countries with a great demand for international schools is the Middle East.

Students Who Can Enroll To An International School

It is a great privilege to enter an international school. There are a lot of requirements, including being a child of an international employee, whether in embassies, NGOs, businesses, and missionary programs.

Local students are also allowed but require a higher tuition fee. The intention would be to learn English and to obtain a higher education abroad. There is a limited number of host students that international schools have to admit. They consider the circumstances of their nationality according to their Government. On the other hand, foreign national students that are US citizens and so eligible can be admitted.

The 1973 bilateral agreement had explained that American children can study even in non-US schools. Therefore, there is no competition between American and Indian schools, for instance.

Students must be aware of the diversity when enrolling in international schools. Take note of the restrictions and other agreements that could affect the student body.

International School We Recommend

Bangkok Prep International School is one of the leading schools in Thailand. It follows the National Curriculum of England to educate children from prep to secondary education. The faculty is made up of qualified teachers who are able to boost each student’s full potential. It has two campuses for nurseries and older students, with complete facilities for learning and even for sports activities.

The place is along the residential area for easier access. It also implements a child safeguarding policy to secure the campuses. It is in line with the international standards to guarantee quality education for all students. Plus, the curriculum is Cambridge University certified to provide a first-class education for students. This is a great way to prepare students to go to universities.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, it is never easy to define international schools. The number of international schools is constantly increasing and also has a positive effect on the economy. That being said, it is valid to say that international schools provide the best possible education for students.

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