What Are the Most Common Work Injuries?

The place you may spend the most amount of time in your life outside of your home is at work. And this means it’s one of the most important places to be aware of any possible safety hazards. While most workplaces stay on top of safety training, you need to remain vigilant and keep in mind the main dangers.

Each workplace has its own unique set of possible hazards, but there are a few more common work injuries everyone should look out for.

1. Slip or Fall

Whether you work in an office, a hospital, or at a construction site, slips and falls are always a threat. While everyone slips from time to time or trips on the odd walk up the steps, some falls are more serious and not your fault. Having a safe work environment means a clean, dry environment you can traverse without risk.

If you do think you have a workplace injury that may entitle you to compensation or time off, here is what to do to find out and proceed. Workplace injuries are serious, and shouldn’t be handled professionally so that you are properly taken care of.

2. Driving Dangers

Many people drive for work or to work, and this is always a hazard. If people do drive as a part of their job, defensive driving should be emphasized and everyone should know how to stay safe on the road.

Some types of injuries or accidents from driving involve third parties, so you have to take extra precautions. Not everyone will be trained or aware of how to stay safe and drive well.

3. Struck By or Against

Having something strike you or striking something yourself can result in a wide variety of injuries. You could have something fall on you, or cut you, and running into something could cause injuries to your knee, face, or another body part.

Being aware of your surroundings can go a long way in keeping you safe. Be sure to look where you’re going, and do not move around without being familiar with the area or what other people are doing there.

4. Violence

One of the best ways to promote workplace safety is to teach about violence in the workplace and how it can be avoided. This includes customers but also from other coworkers in the forms of harassment, both physical and emotional. Violence in the workplace is never okay, and there should be both a system of education to prevent it as well as a system in place to handle it if it should happen.

5. Pain from Strain

Another incredibly common workplace injury is due to repetitive motion and muscle strain. This can occur in almost any job whether you’re chopping up vegetables, typing up reports, or moving furniture.

Be aware of what motions you do every day and whether you are working in the most ergonomic way. Check that the equipment you use is comfortable and not hindering your performance while enhancing a strain.

Reworking Work Injuries

The main thing to remember is that work injuries are avoidable and preventable. Learning about the hazards you face in your job is the first step to stopping them from happening to you.

And if your workplace doesn’t have a good safety education system and prevention program in place, it’s time to start one. If this helped you better understand how to maintain a safe work environment, keep reading for more.

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