TOK Essay Example – How to write it

TOK is, for numerous, a tricky subject to obtaining your head around. A great deal of the questions you get asked in class may seem utterly nonsensical to you, and possibly the TOK essay example titles appear just as confusing! Here one point is one of the most underappreciated points that absolutely aids understanding and also expressing those even more complex ideas is clear structure and style.

Most of the essays we’ve seen students send have had some fantastic concepts; however, they appear too rambling and incoherent. Taking a couple of additional hrs to deal with the structure of the essay is not simply something that will make your essay ‘look’ much better. However, it will express your ideas a lot more plainly! What outcomes is an examiner that comprehends your perspective instead of looking for what you suggest, and your quality makes sure to increase?

TOK essay example: An Overview

Introduction (150-200 words)

Begin by focusing on the recommended title (PT)– what captures your interest about it?

Specify a few key terms from the prescribed title. Usually, your PT will undoubtedly contain some words or expressions that aren’t quickly definite, like “development in expertise” vs. “modification in expertise”. Hence, how you specify these key terms is vital to how you respond to the PT.

Pick the AoK’s that you will think about about this PT and possibly a brief description of why you believe these are excellent selections of AoK’s to discuss this title!

State your thesis– usually, the PT will be concerned that you can concur, disagree, or partially agree with.

Give a general review of what you will undoubtedly be reviewing in your essay, possibly referring to the real-life examples (RLE’s) that you will consider or the Ways of Understanding (WoK) that you will undoubtedly review additionally in your body paragraphs.

Body Paragraph 1 (250-350 words)

Explore the initial AoK you picked. State why that AoK either supports or does not sustain the PT.

Present a real-life example.

Describe why this reality instance sustains or does not sustain the PT making use of WoKs.

Talk about if this is a unique instance or if that instance is valid for a lot of that AoK.

Body Paragraph 2 (250-350 words)

Counterclaim to the example you provided above– discussing why it might be flawed or what downsides it may have.

Present a real-life instance within the same AoK that counters the example in paragraph 1.

Refer back to the PT with wrapping up a sentence stating to what level your first AoK supports or does not sustain your thesis based on the instance and also counterexample you have highlighted.

Body Paragraph 3 (250-350 words)

Comparable to Body Paragraph 1, discover your 2nd AoK by bringing up a real-world example, describing it utilizing WoKs, and review.

Body Paragraph 4 (250-350 words)

Comparable to Body Paragraph 2, offer a counterclaim to your previous example and then refer back to the PT, revealing whether your second AoK supports or does not sustain your thesis.

Body Paragraph 5

If you have added words to play around with after that, we would recommend adding a body paragraph to contrast and compare the 2 AoKs you picked. Is it simply to the WoKs we utilize when getting understanding from those areas or other aspects at play?


Most significantly, refer back to the PT as well as your thesis. Via your analysis, what is your reaction to the PT? Generally, it’s foolish ahead down very highly on one side of the disagreement. As that most likely indicates that you’ve failed to identify the arguments beyond the aisle. With that said, state what side you lean in the direction of after your evaluation. And what instances backed that up!

Every TOK Essay will look various well as this isn’t the only style you can use for your essay. In fact, for some recommended titles, you may also wish to steer away from this structure if the PT lends itself to another style! Nonetheless, as a baseline, this is a straightforward, well-thought-out method to come close to the confusing essay that is your TOK Essay.

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