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Google Draw is a powerful tool for educators to use in their classrooms. This article will cover how to use it, its benefits, and the best practices for using it.

Google Draw is a free drawing app that allows users to create drawings and share them with others. It’s great for students who are learning how to use it in their class.

27th of February, 2014 One of my readers recently emailed me, asking for help in using Google Drawings to generate graphics for her students. Fortunately, I’ve previously developed and published a step-by-step tutorial on how instructors can make posters for their classes using Google Drawings.


However, as I’ve stated in previous articles, one trustworthy source I often use to learn about Google services is Google’s help centre, and the majority of information I offer here comes from there. In this respect, and while we’re on the subject of Google Draw, here are some key points that instructors should be aware of in order to maximize its instructional potential:

You can quickly create, share, and modify drawings online using Google Drawings. Here are a few things you can do to help:

  • Edit drawings online with anybody you choose in real time, and invite others to see your changes in real time. 
  • From inside the drawings editor, you may communicate with people who are working on your drawing. 
  • You may share your drawings with the rest of the world as pictures on the internet, or you can download them in common formats.
  • Text, shapes, arrows, scribbles, and pictures may be added from your hard drive or the Internet.
  • Alignment guidelines, snap to grid, and auto distribution let you lay up designs accurately.
  • Using the online clipboard, paste drawings into other Google documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, then edit them inline.

 Here are some additional Google Draw hints:

Google Draw is a free drawing app that allows users to draw, sketch, and illustrate. It is not just for kids; it can be used in classrooms as well. Reference: google drawings app.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Google draw in my classroom?

To use Google Draw in your classroom, you can either download the app on a computer and then print it out or you can use Google Docs.

How can Google Drawings help students?

Google Drawings is an online tool that allows students to create and share drawings without the need for a drawing tablet.

How do you use Google drawing?

Google drawing is a free online tool that allows you to draw with your mouse.

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