Strategic Management Courses Details: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

The world is constantly subject to changes and cycles, some of which bring a new dimension and a new perspective. And not a single aspect has been left out. The educational aspect itself has benefited from the changes that are taking place and has updated it with modern dynamic aspects. This includes the development of new courses and the addition of new competency-based programs.

One of the things that have become more and more common lately is the vision of strategic management. What was once considered a high-level course attended by only a few people is now open to all lovers of previous courses. Strategic management courses have become one of the most sought-after in the current growth spurt. Strategic management and the various courses offered within the framework of this diploma are discussed here. Well, let’s see.

What is strategic management?

Course on strategic management

Strategic management refers to the set of actions and aspects of decision-making undertaken by individuals at the management level to evaluate and plan the company’s activities. Strategic management is about developing the thinking process and skills for planning, formulating, and assessing gaps and setting goals for future growth. It allows you to create strategies for organizations and see how they can be implemented.

It is one of the most progressive and promising educational institutions, allowing the company to support its current work while keeping an eye on things. It is important that the company understands its stakeholders and addresses issues such as the role and behavior of employees, customer requirements, customer satisfaction, and the interest of investors in the organization.

Scope of Strategic Management courses

Strategic management is one of the most sought-after qualities for people who aspire to a leadership position and plays a crucial role in the recruitment of any level of management. The scope of the strategic management courses is large and still unused, given the current omissions in the organization of the business. It will be one of the most in-demand skills and demand will only increase in the long term.

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Strategic management courses enable individuals to add skills that help them maximize the company’s potential and set benchmarks for long-term growth. Strategic management courses offer many career opportunities. Some of them hold senior positions like financial analysts, business analysts, project analysts, project coordinators, project managers, consultants, etc.

Strategic management course

Since strategic management courses are a highly developed program, they are generally offered by various universities and institutes around the world. In India, it is known that these courses are offered by IIM’s and other top B-level schools. As part of our role, we have selected five core courses for strategic management. All these courses are given after graduation because strategic management requires prior knowledge of the students.

1. Graduate Program in Management – Strategic Management (PGDM)

This is a graduation program for students who want to follow a course in strategic management. This is one of the most popular topics in India and many students choose it. Below you can read more in a few words:

Course details

This is a two-year postgraduate course offered to students who have completed their studies. This course is currently offered by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) in all its various branches in India. It is one of the best strategic management courses and is suitable for developing students’ strategic skills. Students study various modules such as business administration, macroeconomics, microeconomics, government systems and processes, management communication, management information system, written analysis, general policy skills, and many others.


As this is a postgraduate program, the student must be admitted to the degree before applying for admission. He must achieve at least 50% or an equivalent average. The course stipulates that additional criteria must be met if the student has at least 3 years of experience as a manager or entrepreneur. You must register for the course and then take the level test and interviews to be selected for the course.

Scope of application

This is a very desirable course and students will have great opportunities to grow with it. Chances are you’ll be offered a job on campus. They may perform managerial, analytical, coordinating or other functions.

2. Master of Management Studies – Economics and Strategy

It is followed by another highly sought after course offered to students who want to master strategic management skills. This course is one of the best flagship courses. It includes a high level of skills development and training that enables students to take up higher decision-making positions in the organization. Let’s look at this below:

Course details

It is one of the flagship courses offered exclusively by the Indian Institute of Bombay (IITB) as part of SJMSOM in relation to the Shailesh J.S. School of Management. The course has been developed in coordination with world-class materials to help students learn the best in strategic management. This course focuses on aspects of economics and strategy and develops planning and decision-making skills related to the economy as a whole. It takes two years and includes knowledge in modules such as prospective learning, collaborative and experiential learning, leadership management, economics, business economics, communication skills, and more. Students are required to take several compulsory courses and may choose a few additional electives.


The IITB has set strict admission requirements for this course so that only those who are interested in the subject can participate. The student must have graduated with at least a 50% average or equivalent at a recognized university or institution. You must also have experience as a project manager or coordinator. Students must take placement tests and interviews before being admitted to the course.

Scope of application

The course has many advantages for students taking it. Students will probably be offered on-campus accommodation at the end of the semester. You can contact an administrative body or financial institutions that are familiar with the subject. Students can work as managers, consultants, analysts, etc.

3. Master of Business Administration – Strategic Management (MBA)

Следующий курс в нашем списке – MBA со специализацией Стратегический менеджмент. This is an extension of the MBA course that focuses on developing students’ strategic decision-making skills. It is a much sought-after profile for PhD students.

Course details

This course is a two-year master’s program. This course is offered by many universities and institutes in India, in contrast to the above courses which were reserved for the IIM and IITB only. The student follows four semesters of six months each to complete the course, in which he or she can study various aspects such as modern business organization, commercial research, accounting, information technology, business law, strategic management, policy development, strategic marketing management, etc.


The student must have graduated from a recognized university or institution and obtained at least 50% of the marks or their equivalent. Some top universities will probably need 60% of the grades to screen applicants. As with other MBA entrance examinations, the student must take the CAT, GMAT, MAT, or CMAT as required by the institutions.

Scope of application

The student has solid experience in the field and can work in various positions, such as B. Researcher, Compliance Specialist, Consumer Knowledge Analyst, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Strategic Sales Initiator and more.

4. Graduate Program in Business Strategy and Policy

Although this course, as its name suggests, is more focused on the development of business strategy, it plays a good role in the development of strategic management among students. The strategy and curriculum of the course includes strategic management, which can be interesting for students looking for another strategic management course. We’ll learn more below.

Course details

This course is a postgraduate programme and is offered for two years. A student who wants to follow this course must register and be selected. This course is offered exclusively by the Indian Institute of Bangalore (IIMB) and is one of the best courses offered there. It offers students modules such as corporate law, business law, economics, government policies and decisions, strategic business planning, strategic compliance management, etc.


This course is a postgraduate course and requires the candidate to have at least a Master’s degree or other postgraduate qualification. A student must achieve a minimum of 50% at the end of his or her studies. An equivalent GPA will also work for students. They must pass the entrance examinations laid down by the IIMB before being able to attend the interview. At the end of the interview, the student receives an approval stamp.

Scope of application

A student with these skills and a diploma can be active in various fields, such as business, government, business, etc. You can fulfill roles such as business planner, business strategist, project manager, compliance strategist and many others.

5. Doctor of Philosophy of Strategic Management (Ph.D.)

The next course on our list is a PhD in Strategic Management. This is an exploratory programme for participants looking for an advanced level of knowledge and skills. This course is intended for students with a master’s or master’s degree.

Find the course, size and salary for this course.

Course details

As indicated, this is a programme at the research level and is intended for students who already have a Master’s degree. The course is designed for a duration of 2 to 5 years and allows the student to study the concepts and skills of strategic management intensively. It is offered by several leading universities and institutes throughout India. Individuals learn aspects such as international business management, competitive growth analysis, globalization, strategic theory and consulting, technology and innovation skills and much more. This course is given on a semester basis.


The student must have completed a master’s or postgraduate course at an accredited university or institution. The student must achieve the score prescribed by the college offering the course. The university performs a level test to select the candidate.

Scope of application

This course is one of the highest level strategic management options available worldwide, allowing students to progress to higher positions. They are likely to be hired by leading companies and government agencies. A student with this degree can apply for positions as a lecturer, strategist, researcher, economist, etc.

Strategic management is the order of the day today to ensure that organizations and economies flourish and go through a growth cycle. The above courses are among the best offered with a specialization in strategic management. We hope you will find this list useful in your future projects.


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