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The world is getting more and more urbanized. And the change in the way people live their lives has brought about a lot of challenges to education. This speech will highlight some of these challenges, and also offer some solutions that can help schools adapt to this changing world.

The assignment on urbanization is a speech that was given by the author to students in easy words.


Greetings to one and everyone who are present. Today, I’d like to say a few words on the issue of urbanization in India, which is quickly growing in metropolitan areas.

What is the definition of urbanization?



The process through which a large number of people become permanently concentrated in limited regions, creating cities, is known as urbanization.

The definition of a city or an urban region changes throughout time and from location to location.

Due to inadequate agricultural facilities and technology, the farming family is forced to relocate to the city.

In India, the proportion of people living in cities rose from around 11% in 1911 to about 28% in 2001.

Although the pace of urbanization has risen, it has been unevenly distributed among the states.

The union territory of Delhi, for example, is the most urbanized, with 93.18 percent of its people residing in cities.

The urban population is growing. By


  • Transformation of rural to urban environments
  • Rural to urban migration
  • The growth of the urban population is a natural phenomenon.

The State with the Most People


Goa, the most populous state in India, is also the most urbanized, with almost half of its people residing in metropolitan areas. Himachal Pradesh is the state with the least amount of urbanization (9.3%).

Urbanization is seen to be helpful because individuals are more aware of and responsive to social problems in general. As a result, urbanization aids in modernisation and social transformation.


The number of slums in major cities has been growing. According to the 2011 census, 93 million Indians live in slums.

Because this segment of the population is very impoverished and lacks access to basic services.

Urbanization’s Importance


Around 22% of the urban population lives in slums, while 25% of the population lives in poverty. Many types of planning are required for the management of today’s cities, including quality of life and equitable opportunities for everyone.

The cost of infrastructural amenities, including as housing, hospitals, children’s schools, transportation, and commercial sectors, should be affordable to all people.

A good road and transportation infrastructure should be maintained since agriculture is the backbone of our nation as well as a source of foreign revenue. Transportation is similar to agriculture.

Road transportation is critical for metropolis growth, and rail transportation is also essential. Vehicles are clogged as a result of the country’s overpopulation.

There is much to be done to enhance urban infrastructure, and massive sums of money will be needed to complete this task throughout the nation. It is difficult for the government to handle everything on its own.

As a result, it is not feasible to rely only on the government; the private sector must also participate.

Unemployment has risen as a result of this issue; the population is growing, but there aren’t enough jobs to keep the population in check. Every Indian citizen has a responsibility to do so.

As a result, the individuals here must be aware of the consequences of urbanization in our nation.

I’d want to express my gratitude to you.

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The urbanization and its impact on environment essay is a speech that was given by the United Nations. It covers the effects of urbanization on the environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is urbanization in simple words?

Urbanization is the process of growth of human settlements.

What is urbanization for students?

Urbanization is the process of expanding into urban areas. It can be seen as a form of human settlement or development that takes place in large cities.

How do you explain urbanization to a child?

Urbanization is the process of people and industry moving from rural areas to urban areas. This can be done by natural or human-made changes in land use such as building roads, railroads, and expanding cities.

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