PTE Essay Topics With Answers PDF For Students & Children In Simple English

The PTE is a test taken by students in the United States, Canada, and many other countries. It is often used as a measure of English proficiency for admission to college or graduate school.

The pte writing essay template pdf 2020 is a PDF file that contains the answers to the questions asked in the PTE Essay Topics. It can be used by students and children in simple English.


The preservation of past verifiable structures is a hot topic of debate. Some people prefer modern engineering and designs and advocate for new buildings rather than preserving existing ones since they are less costly. I, for one, cannot help but disagree with this viewpoint, and I shall illustrate my argument in this essay.

Some were spared from destruction, while others remain as painful reminders of the regime. Chronicled structures have a long and illustrious history that deserves to be addressed. Individuals experience the city’s different culture and complexity by visiting exceptionally ancient buildings or destinations, and this is the motivation behind why people are drawn to noteworthy locations and structures. As a result, you’ll be able to bring in outside funds while also creating jobs for local residents. It promotes economic growth and enhances the economy’s worth.


The original buildings were built using top-of-the-line development materials and by the most skilled craftsmen of the time. For example, the sanctuary Abu Simbel in southern Egypt, which is carved out of a sandstone cliff, is a marvel of intricate architecture. Their gigantic outside shake relief figures have proven to be noteworthy.

The sanctuary is one of the most well-known tourist attractions in Egypt. Such techniques and materials are almost seldom seen in modern-day period buildings, and many noteworthy structures are considerably superior than their brand-new counterparts.

The government may keep a strategic distance from costly new projects by simply renovating significant buildings with fairly acceptable changes and converting them to inns, coffeehouses, or a visitor’s center. Moreover, the government should assist open-sector initiatives and corporations in preserving, reestablishing, and maintaining protected buildings and locations.


A Formal Written Examination Is A Good Way To Evaluate


For a long time, there has been considerable debate regarding the creation of demonstrating methods, their appropriateness, and the development of ways to assess a student’s performance. I partially agree with the statement since the formal written examination is an effective means of testing what students have learned in class, but this approach has flaws as well, which I shall discuss in this essay.

Exams are utilized all around the globe to force pupils to put in more effort, stay energized, and move toward a more lively attempt to achieve the goal. In today’s educational systems, official written exams are given at regular intervals (quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly) to assess students’ learning levels, and if they fail, they are required to repeat the class. Understudies are exposed to a trial of control of the learning taught using this common approach.

Teachers get a viewpoint on children who need educated assistance via official written exams. Early detection of deviations in an understudy’s characteristics and instructional methods for displaying, in particular, allows for the identification and correction of flaws before they become irreversible.

The formal written examination cannot accurately assess one’s level. Frequently, cramming a small number of topics into such examinations is enough to get good grades, which I think isn’t a good way to assess a student’s ability and skills.

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The pte writing essay topics list is a PDF file that contains a list of essay topics for students and children.

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