Plastic Ban Essay in English

A plastic pollution is a form of pollution that damages our environment, it is a threat to life on earth, plastic bags should be banned to reduce pollution.

Plastic bags pollute the earth, air, and water.

That is why they have been banned in several countries, but they are still widely used and harmful to the environment in most parts of the world.

Plastics ban in India Test 200 words:

Plastic bags are readily available on the market and are widely used.

They are especially popular in grocery stores because they are useful for transporting food.

They are available in different sizes, very cheap and easy to carry, but the price we pay for using these bags is invisible.

These bags are worth our beautiful surroundings.

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! The plastic bags we use in our daily lives are dangerous for the environment.

The problem is much bigger than it seems, according to researchers, with plastic bags as the main cause of water pollution.

They also make our farmland infertile and cause many other serious problems.

Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags for a clean and green environment, including India.

Our country has banned the use of plastic bags in many states, but the implementation of this rule has not been deliberate.

They are always available on the market, sellers offer goods in these bags, and traders simply carry these goods through.

It’s time we all understood the seriousness of this problem and stopped using plastic bags.

plastic ban test

A short essay on the banning of plastics 300 words:

Pollution of our environment is increasing every day. It grew rapidly with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

The growing number of factories and vehicles on our planet has multiplied pollution many times over the past decades.

While the smoke from vehicles and factories pollutes the air and makes it difficult to breathe, industrial and household waste pollutes water and soil and causes many serious diseases.

Plastic: The main cause of the pollution:

Among other things, plastics now play a major role in environmental pollution.

Plastic, which is derived from fossil fuels such as petroleum and petroleum derivatives, is used to make many things, such as B. for plastic bags, kitchen utensils, furniture, doors, foil, packaging, countertops, and much more.

People prefer plastic products because they are lighter than wood or metal products and are also very economical.

The increasing use of plastics increases the amount of plastic waste, which is difficult to dispose of. Plastic is not a biodegradable material.

It decomposes into pieces, breaks down over time, but it does not break with the soil, it lives for hundreds of years in the environment and contributes to pollution.

It mixes in the landfill and releases contaminants that damage the soil and water. Plastics need to be protected against burns, as burns emit toxic gases that can cause serious illness.

The recycling of plastic, for example, has become a major problem today.

For example, many countries have banned plastic bags, which are responsible for much of the plastic pollution.

However, there is no point in banning only plastic bags; other plastic items should also be banned in order to reduce pollution.


It is time to understand the intensity with which plastic destroys our environment and makes life difficult for plants, animals, marine life, and even humans.

The use of plastic products should be kept to a minimum in order to guarantee a clean environment.

plastic ban test 400 words:

The plastic bags we often use in our daily lives are a threat to life on earth.

They come slowly into our lives and become a major cause of disease in animals and humans.

Plastic bags: Harmful to human health :

Plastic bags are extremely harmful to human health.

They are made from the moment they are disposed of as waste – plastic bags are only harmful to human health.

The toxic chemicals produced during the molding of polyethylene bags have a negative effect on the health of those involved in the production process.

Plastic bags are often used for food packaging. Researchers say that some toxins from plastics end up in food.

Thus, plastic bags contaminated the food, so instead of storing it in safe packaging, there were several plastic boxes that were damaged by the food.

Eating this type of food can lead to food poisoning, intestinal problems, and other health risks. Plastic bags can also produce substances that are suspected of being carcinogenic to humans.

In addition, plastic bags produce enormous amounts of non-degradable waste. This waste will remain on the ground for about 500 years.

This waste ends up in the water and deteriorates the quality of the drinking water.

In recent decades the quality of drinking water has deteriorated considerably.

This is mainly due to the fact that large quantities of plastic bags are dumped in rivers where there are drinking water sources. It has given way to several water-borne diseases.

Plastic bags cause serious diseases in animals.

Marine animals and organisms are mainly exposed to plastic bags. We throw away the plastic bags after use.

These plastic bags become a large part of the waste in which innocent animals go in search of food. Animals often eat small plastic materials and even whole bags of food.

Fine plastics accumulate in the body and over time cause health problems.

On the other hand, melting an entire plastic bag at once can result in death. The same goes for sea creatures. Water sources are heavily polluted by plastic waste.

This changes the quality of the water the marine organisms drink.

Fish, turtles, and other marine animals also eat the plastic and sometimes accidentally grab the whole plastic bag as food and end up getting sick.


Plastic bags are therefore extremely unhealthy. It is in our interest to abandon its use and switch to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Essay on the reason for banning plastics 500 words:

Plastic bags are very popular because they are light and therefore easy to carry.

Also, unlike clothing or paper bags, we don’t even have to go shopping for these plastic bags because they are economical and shopkeepers give them away for free when we buy goods.

These are the reasons why plastic bags are preferred by shop owners and consumers. Yet we have to look beyond the fleeting object and see the big picture.

Problems due to plastic bags:


Plastic bags are not biodegradable, so the biggest challenge is to solve them.

They break down into small particles and end up in the soil and water, although they do not decompose.

They live for hundreds of years in the soil and water, releasing toxic chemicals that are harmful to our beautiful planet.

Environmental degradation:

They destroy nature by their harmful effects, plastic bags have become one of the main causes of soil pollution today.

Used plastic bags are dumped in landfills where they take about 500 years to decompose.

These bags are light and can easily be transported by plane. The debris they produce on land and in landfills pollutes the soil.

Plastic bags that end up in the water are the main cause of water pollution and spoil our environment in every possible way. Also, read the conclusion of the test about the ban on plastics.

Harmful to marine animals and organisms:

Animals and marine organisms absorb plastic particles as food. Plastics cannot be digested and therefore end up in the intestine.

Large quantities of plastic accumulate in the intestines of various animals and marine organisms, causing serious health problems.

Sometimes animals accidentally pack a whole plastic bag. It gets stuck in their throats or intestines and kills them.

Sea turtles are best known for the plastic bag that is confused with jellyfish.

Studies show that plastic bags are one of the main causes of premature death in animals.

Causes of human disease:

The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals that can cause serious diseases in people involved in the production process.

Food packed in plastic bags can also be harmful to health, and plastic garbage bags cause environmental pollution.

Environmental pollution is one of the main causes of various diseases affecting humans.

Waste water filled:

Discarded plastic bags often fall with the water or fly through the air and land in sewers and drains.

Sewer and sewer overflows can pose a danger to people and animals, especially when it rains.

Plastic bags cause water backflow by clogging sewers, which can lead to flooding and affect people’s lives.



Conclusion for a plastic ban test:

We need to understand the problems caused by easy to carry plastic bags and prevent their use. It’s time for our government to take strong measures to ban plastic bags.


Plastic Ban Essay in English
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