Pharmacy Courses After 12th Fees, Scope, Salary and More

Pharmacy courses in India have a good reputation among students who are looking for the best career option but cannot opt for expensive courses like MBBS, BDS, and other medical courses that are popular among students. With their excellent career prospects and more advantageous fee structure, pharmacy degrees are very useful for students who have completed their studies and are looking for better jobs and more job security in the future.

Pharmacy is a very diverse field, and you can study undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate. All in all, if you are looking for a good course after grade 12, you should choose a pharmacy.

If you are also looking for better career opportunities and stability in life, this article can help you choose the right pharmacy school for students over the age of 12. So stay tuned for the rest of the article and find out how useful the pharmacy course is for you.

Pharmacy Course India

Different types of pharmacy courses in India

Depending on the level of study, studies in pharmacy can be divided into four categories. All of these pharmacy courses are distinguished by their complexity and cost structure. Moreover, they differ in duration. Based on this, you can easily choose the best course after graduation. Details of these categories of pharmacy courses are listed below. Check them out and then decide which of these courses is best for you.

  • Pharmacy Study Courses

After 12. years of working with the PCB, you can start preparing for the entrance exams and enroll in the pharmacy courses. B Pharma and the other postgraduate courses in pharmacy have a duration of four years, and you can easily choose the right course according to the fee structure.

In addition to the regular degrees, you can also opt for a lateral entry program, which takes 3 years if you enter in the 2nd semester. There are several selection criteria, which we will also examine in more detail.

If you are looking for a simple pharmacy course but are looking for a better career option, then a degree in pharmacy (D.Pharma) may be for you. The course takes 2 years and after graduation, you can choose to work independently or to assist a pharmacist in a hospital. In addition, you can enroll as a lateral candidate for licensure in pharmacy and other postgraduate programs and begin in the second year. This saves a year and allows for a more practical introduction to the themes and concepts of these subjects.

  • Postgraduate courses in pharmacy

Depending on the course you choose, a postgraduate degree in pharmacy can be very different, both in terms of duration and fee structure. The M.Pharma is a 2-year course, while the Pharma D (post-baccalaureate) is a 3-year course. So choose accordingly and find a better and more promising rate for you. You can also choose a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharma D) for yourself, but it takes 6 years to complete the course.

  • Doctoral studies in pharmacy

A Doctor of Pharmacy is an excellent option for students who are ready to work and serve in the industry and get the best job opportunities in the local and international pharmaceutical world.

These are the four types of pharmacy courses you can take for a better future and a more stable life.

Price information

In terms of course complexity, pharmacy courses are relatively simpler than conventional medical courses such as MBBS and others. This makes it an ideal choice for students who aren’t too keen on taking difficult courses but don’t want to sacrifice job opportunities after class. Diploma and doctoral courses provide basic knowledge in this area. If you want to learn more about the field and get better opportunities, then a postgraduate and Ph.D. course is the best choice for you.

The subjects you study in your graduate courses are human anatomy, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic chemistry, and many others. And while the topics vary from course to course, you can get these general topics at the beginning of the course. Advanced topics you can learn later include pharmaceutical biotechnology, medicinal pharmacy, and medicinal chemistry.

In general, if you’re studying chemistry and biology, you shouldn’t have too much trouble with topics and clarifying concepts. This makes pharmacy an excellent choice for PCB students after 12.

Scope of pharmacy training

Pharmacy courses in India have a wide reach. These courses give students the opportunity to work in different fields, with the possibility of opening a medical business, which can be a great way to make money. Whether you want to join a reputable pharmaceutical company or serve the local community by opening a business, pharmacy courses can be a great opportunity for you.

So, if you want to take a cheap medical course that will help you make money while building a good reputation, then a pharmacy course is the right choice for you.

Discounted salary after pharmacy study

As in other fields of medicine, pharmacy degrees offer a great opportunity to earn money and prestige. A pharmacy graduate can easily earn up to 4 lakh per year and if you are planning to open a medical store, the salary can be much higher than this figure.

Overall, pharmacy is an excellent pathway for students who are looking for a secure future and want to earn a living and respect.

How do you register for a pharmacy course?

In India, registration in pharmacies is done according to an orderly procedure. As soon as you turn 12. If you have taken your first GCP or biotechnology course, you can easily prepare for the entrance exams. There are national and state pharmacy entrance exams that can prepare you for the college of your choice.

Depending on your entrance exam results, you may want to seek advice and enroll in a private or public school in your city. So, if you have basic knowledge in this field and the confidence to work in a pharmacy, you can pass the exam without too much trouble.

Successful completion of the GPAT exam is required for postgraduate studies in pharmacy. This is a good option for users who want to get a job with a well-known pharmaceutical company instead of opening their own medical supply store.

Availability of academic/training materials

As far as pharmacy schools in India are concerned, there are many private and public schools that offer excellent facilities and career opportunities for students. This way, you can choose a good pharmacy school after the entrance exam without too much trouble.

The two most important elements to consider when making your choice are the admission history of the institution and the facilities offered to students. This will help you to get a better job and a good environment to learn new theories and knowledge about the human body.

And for educational materials, there are many domestic and foreign authors who provide detailed educational materials for students, newcomers, and those who want to expand their knowledge. In addition, the college’s course materials and writing guidelines are excellent for students seeking the best knowledge in this field.

Jobs you can apply for after you graduate in pharmacy

Like many other medical courses, pharmacy courses offer excellent job opportunities if you have the desired skills and good grades in your course. After graduating in pharmacy, you may choose to work in a hospital, accept a job with a reputable pharmaceutical company, or take a sales position with a pharmaceutical company. Generally, pharmacy students have a wide range of opportunities to work in a reputable company without any problems.

So, if you are looking for a secure job in the medical field and are not too shy to work as a doctor, pharmacy courses can be a great way to succeed and secure your financial future. With the right specialization, you can choose the right path for you.


So these are all the courses offered in India for students who want to study pharmacy. Depending on your qualifications and the course and tuition fee structure, you will choose your course of study. A pharmacy degree can be a rewarding endeavor for students looking for a better alternative to other areas of medicine. An excellent course structure, better pricing, and good employment opportunities make it an ideal choice for students pursuing GCP studies beyond Grade 12.

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