Peace And Harmony : Essay, Speech, Article, Paragraph

Peace and harmony: essay, speech, article, paragraph

Introduction to Peace and Harmony

I’d like to begin this article on peace and harmony with an inspiring quote….

We must always strive for complete harmony between thought, word, and action. Always try to purify your thoughts and all will be well – Mahatma Gandhi.

When people ask, what are peace and harmony? I would always say that it is a great joy to feel equality in our hearts towards all the people of this world, regardless of their religion, wealth, etc., and to treat them with respect and pure love. I believe that peace in a country can only be maintained if the government treats everyone equally and with respect. Only then will the people of the nation show brotherhood to all. We must put the thoughts and the benefits of peace and harmony into the hearts of the children who tomorrow will lead the whole world on the path of justice.

Peace and Harmony

Further questions on peace and harmony

If anyone asks: What do you need for peace and harmony? … we only say that we need peace and harmony to avoid wars. But no one thought about the real need for peace and harmony. So many needs to be done for peace and harmony in the country, not just to prevent the outbreak of wars. I wouldn’t say it’s not the main reason, because it is one of the main reasons, although there are many secondary reasons that have evolved towards that main reason.


The reason why wars arise is a lack of charity and respect for all religions in the world. Nowadays people are easily manipulated by wrong actions like terrorism because they lack peace and harmony in their hearts. As Oliver Wendell Holmes said,

The only condition for peace in this world is not to have ideas, or at least not to express them. -Oliver Wendell Holmes.


Everyone deserves respect, regardless of religion or social status, which is the basic criterion for proving that we are human beings. In order to learn about each other’s religion and religious values, we must all respect each other equally. Peace and harmony are always necessary for a country to develop excellent relations, like a brotherhood, brotherhood towards all. We are to love and care for all people equally, even if not by blood relationship.


Peace and harmony are also necessary for the political growth of the country and the welfare of its people. Only when the people of the country live in peace and harmony with each other, the government will be able to run the country well and the people will follow the rules and norms of the government. The only logical reason is the need for peace and harmony in the country. When there is complete harmony among the people, the leaders can concentrate fully on how to put the growth of the country on the path to success. If there is no harmony and peace in the country, the government must first concentrate on bringing harmony among the people, only then can it concentrate on the development of the nation. According to Lord Acton’s most inspiring quote,

Before people can find peace and harmony within themselves, they must first fall in love with their country – Lord Acton.


Above all, every citizen of the country must develop love and affection for his country and work for its welfare. The only thing that can help is for all citizens to show peace and harmony with everyone in their daily lives. Only then will the country be on the road to success, for peace and harmony in the country are the ultimate keys to victory.


In conclusion, peace and harmony are necessary, not only between peoples but also between countries, to make the world a better place for all. Learn the true meaning of friendship by respecting the values the country holds and helping them through difficult times. Even if we know the person or not, a big sincere smile is enough to build a solid relationship with someone and make their day peaceful and pleasant.

The world is a puzzle to be solved;

Harmony is the precious key to solving the riddle.

frequently asked questions

What are peace and harmony?

Peace and harmony mean the just and equitable resolution of disputes and conflicts through neutralization and the principles of the Middle Way approach to improve the well-being of each individual as well as the well-being of humanity as a whole. Peace and harmony is a long-term value.

Why are peace and harmony important?

Peace and harmony are fundamental to our lives and are the ideal path to follow. Many ideas contribute to the logic of peace and harmony, such as B. Resolving conflicts, staying calm and focused, resolving conflicts, adapting, neutralizing, following the principle of the middle way, etc.

How do I write an essay about peace?

An essay on world peace in plain language: Commentary + 200 thematic ideas

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