Parents Helping With Homework: A Complete Guide

Learning doesn’t just occur at school. Parents must support their child’s learning outside the classroom as well.

One way parents do this is by helping with homework. Parental involvement in a child’s studies is one of the greatest predictors of a child’s academic success. Parents can help their children retain a positive attitude about school, increase a child’s feelings of self-efficacy, and improve their motivation to do well.

For many parents, however, it’s been a long time since they had to tackle academic content. Check out a guide for parents helping with homework below.

Create a Routine

Children need routines to learn organizational skills and reduce stress in their life. When they know what to expect, they feel safer. A homework routine will help children develop good study habits for the future.

A good homework routine should fit the needs of the child. For example, some children may need time to unwind after school, while others have enough energy to get it over with as soon as they get home. Regardless, homework should be done at the same time every day.

If there is a large volume of homework, make sure to plan in regular breaks or set a time limit.

Keep It Positive

Children look to adults as models of behavior. Positive thinking is an important skill for parents to model. Educators may also refer to this ability as a growth mindset.

Challenges should not be frustrating, but exciting. Failure is not embarrassing, but essential to learning. If children answer every question or complete every assignment easily, they are not learning.

Show Interest

Why should children be interested in school if their parents aren’t? Again, this is an important behavior for parents to model to their children. When helping kids with homework, try to show genuine interest in the topics.

One of the best ways to show interest is to ask specific questions about the work. Parents can also make real-world connections between the content of the homework and real elements of their child’s life.

Use Resources

Sometimes, parents struggle to help with homework, and that’s ok. They don’t need to contact the teacher for every little thing because the internet is a great resource.

For example, there are plenty of websites out there if you search for the specific content, like 4th grade math. You can find both written guides and videos on pretty much every topic covered in school. Make sure to share these resources with your child and examine them together.

More Tips for Parents Helping With Homework

Parents helping with homework may sometimes feel intimidated working on unfamiliar topics with their children. Thankfully, the internet is filled with guides and information for basically every grade level. Just remember, homework help requires a lot of patience, so try to maintain a calm demeanor and tone of voice no matter how frustrating it gets.

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