My Best Friend Essay For Class 8 Students in English

Do you have a best friend? If so, then why did they choose to become your best friend? My best friend is very smart and funny. They are my right-hand person when I’m in trouble! We always look out for each other.

The “my best friend essay for class 8 100 words” is a short essay that should be written in order to demonstrate the writer’s understanding of what friendship means.



Best friends are friends who stay with you for the rest of your life or for a longer length of time than a regular friend. Friends make your life interesting by allowing you to participate in different adventures, but the greatest friend is always by your side and never leaves your side, as well as assisting you in going on your path and without requiring you to do anything else.

Your best friend is usually your senior, but best friends do not have to be your age, as some individuals discover best friends who are older than they are because they are more faithful than their peers.


Best friends are like a wonderful support system in your life since they encourage you in whatever you do and also stop you from doing anything bad while also assisting you in achieving the correct things. A best friend is someone who knows everything there is to know about you, and you know everything there is to know about your best friend, and you both share everything with one other.

It’s a good thing you have a best friend since there are some individuals who don’t have friends and are unhappy because they have no one with whom to share their thoughts and feelings.



Best friends play an essential part in the development of your life, since they have a significant impact on your lifestyle and thinking. Best friends are usually people that share your interests, and finding unique best friends who have diverse interests is difficult, and they cannot be best friends.

Best friends also assist you with anything, whether it is schoolwork or anything else. For example, if you have to travel someplace where you cannot go alone, your best friend will accompany you to that location so that you do not feel alone.


Friends also have a role in your guardian’s reign, since he protects you from everyone at all times, and you also serve as a guard for him. Best friends are also essential since they share their talents with you and may even assist you in learning a skill if you so want, increasing your experience and making you a gifted individual. Best friends also offer their expertise and experiences, which may be beneficial to you in the future.



You adore your closest buddy, and he adores you, forming a deep love connection between you and your pal. Your buddy can do anything for you, and you are also willing to do anything for your friends since you have a wonderful relationship and you share different things and assist each other solve issues.

The best friends have a strong bond since they have been like life partners for many years and know everything about each other. They also adore everything about each other, which is a wonderful thing.

It’s also been observed that it’s much more difficult to break the connection between closest friends since they both believe in one other, and if someone says anything negative about your buddy, you don’t believe them rather than your friend, in whom you have full confidence.

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My best friend essay for class 6 girl is a short story about an 8th grade student who has to write an essay on her best friend. The student struggles with what she should say, but eventually decides that the essay will be honest and truthful. Reference: my best friend essay for class 6 girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I write an essay about my best friend?

A: You can use a phrase from the book The Great Gatsby to help you write about your best friend. In chapter 3, there is a line that says . This means everything has been said already and nothing that was previously said should be repeated in an essay written by someone who cares deeply for their friend.

How do you write an English class 8 essay?

A: I will type out the answer to your question in english.

What is best friend in simple words?

A: A friend is someone with whom you share a deep bond of trust, understanding and companionship.

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