List of Top Management Courses After 12th in India 2021

Many students do not know which course to take after the last year. The class has to choose. This applies to students in science, business and art. We always encourage students to choose the courses that interest them. One of these fascinating areas is management. This area is not only for students of grade 12. but also for university graduates it has always been very attractive. Colleges offer management courses at different levels, and since you are on this page, we assume that you are also interested in management courses.

There are many different management courses and the content of each course is different. In this case, you must be familiar with each of these courses in order to make an informed decision. Today, in this article, we talked about high-level management training after the 12th standard. The list of classes is available. You can read the details and then examine the courses to create a career plan. So let’s check the details now.

Management training in India

1. BA Control

If you follow professional courses such as CA or CS, you can always opt for a university course. For these students, we always recommend choosing a course that offers them valuable knowledge. Students who want to choose simple courses can follow basic and management courses. The difference between a Bachelor degree and a Bachelor degree in Management is that the Bachelor is offered in subjects such as history, philosophy, languages and other similar subjects. BA Management is offered in areas such as retail management, hotel management, and travel and tourism. These courses last three years and are becoming increasingly popular in India.

2. BBA

The Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most popular management programs to follow after Grade 12. The class can occupy. The course is offered by many public and private colleges in India. This course can be followed by students from all majors with an emphasis on business administration. The total duration of a BBA programme is three years, and you can even get an MBA after your bachelor’s degree. Many universities offer a general BBA programme, but some also offer a BBA specialisation. A BBA degree in one of the difficult specialisations will help you find a job. There are many jobs at BBA and you can even get a management position after work. Some of the best specializations

3. BBE

The Bachelor of Business Administration is one of the most sought after courses offered after grade 12. Admission to this course is based on performance and entrance exam results. Students of all majors who master mathematics and English can take the course. It is also the best choice for students who have had economics as one of their subjects in 10+2. Business is very important and after this course you can find a job in the banking and insurance sector. After the BBE you can even opt for a master’s degree in business administration. The total duration of the course is three years and it is a very trendy choice.

4. BBM

The Bachelor of Business Administration has been around for a few years and is the next popular choice after the BBA. This is a three-year programme that offers courses similar to the BBA. An important difference between the BBA and the BBM is that the BBM is a practical training and the BBA is a theoretical training. Students prefer BBM because of the practical knowledge. A longer internship is also associated with BBM.

5. BBS

The Bachelor of Business Administration is another popular course offered in India. This course is available for 10+2 students, which is an excellent alternative to the BBA or BMS. The course teaches you traditional topics such as human resources, finance and marketing. The course also includes business administration. Finally, the BBS is a three-year course where you can learn more.


If you have a family business and want to start your career on the international scene, you can also opt for a course such as the Bachelor of International Business and Finance. The course is available for all sectors and teaches you all about international trade and regulations in this field. Many companies also hire students who have taken the BIBF course, because this course also teaches you international business and financial management practices.

7. BMS

A company diploma is another option if you are looking for management courses for students over 12 years old. BBA and BMS may seem at a high level, but there are clear differences between them. Of course there are similarities between the two, but there are also important differences. For example, the BMS is analytical, not theoretical. Pupils who have completed group 12. Students who have completed their first year can continue their studies at the BMS, and students from all disciplines are welcome here. The best thing about BMS is its analytical aspect. In addition, many small and large companies offer employment after the BMS. You can even take an MBA if you want to continue studying after the BMS.

8. Hotel management diploma

You can choose a degree in hotel management. It is also a popular course that offers you a wide range of jobs in the travel and tourism industry. There are different degrees in hotel management.  A popular course is the Bachelor of Hospitality Management, which lasts 4 years. You can also find work in a hotel or in the field. New destinations are emerging, including adventure tourism, spa tourism, ayurvedic tourism and many others. The employment opportunities in this sector are enormous. You can even aspire to a three-year hotel management license, and it’s also a smart option for hotel management.  After the course you can even set up your own business as a canteen, catering service, hotel or company canteen.

9. Diploma in Management

Some students cannot afford 3 or 4 year courses and want to enroll in short courses to support their families. These students can obtain a company diploma. These courses usually last 1 or 2 years and you will learn enough to get a job in this sector. With experience you can continue to develop and excel in your career. Some of the most popular degrees in management are

  • Diploma in event management
  • Diploma in Modem Marketing
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management
  • Diploma in hotel and tourism management
  • Diploma in marketing
  • Diploma in organisational management
  • Diploma in Retail Management
  • Diploma in Travel and Tourism

10. Integrated BBA + MBA

We’ve already talked about the BBA, but what would happen if you decided to do an MBA? We’ll show you the easiest way to make an appointment. You can follow an integrated BBA + MBA course directly after class 12. After 5 years you will receive both diplomas and become one of the SMEs in your field. The advantage of applying for an integrated program is that you don’t have to wait until the end of your license to enroll in an MBA. We advise you to choose this integrated BBA + MBA course only at renowned universities. The salary after an integrated programme is much higher than that of a bachelor’s programme.

Career paths after management studies

After completing the management course, the candidate can get a job in the company in administrative positions. The true nature of the profile always depends on the course of study and the profile that the candidate follows. For example, if you’ve chosen marketing as a major, you probably work on the company’s marketing or sales team. Even if you have taken over the management of a hotel, you know what your career path will be. We always recommend that students check accommodation options at universities before choosing a university. By checking your placement, you’ll know if the university will help you find a job. These management courses can help you find a job in almost any sector.

Management training has another advantage. If you don’t want to work and you want to join the family business, a management course can help you. The course is also suitable for people who want to start their own business. The management courses familiarize students with the fundamental concepts that will help them to successfully manage their business.

These are the main trend management courses available in 2021. All business and science students are eligible to take these courses, provided they achieve a minimum grade. Some of these courses may require 10+2 math. Depending on your interests, you can find out about the admission procedures, the study content, the selection criteria, and the best universities. If you have any questions about the Top Management courses, please contact us and we will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.


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