Laughing : Essay , Importance , IELTS Que Card , Speech

Laughter: Essay, Meaning, IELTS Que Card, Speeches

Laughter is the best medicine

Essay on Laughter

Humor is contagious. The sound of a loud laugh is far more contagious than a cough, sneeze or snort. Laughing together connects people collectively and increases happiness and intimacy. Laughter also activates healthy bodily changes in the body. Humor and laughter strengthen the immune system, increase energy, reduce pain and protect against the harmful effects of stress. Best of all, it’s fun, free and easy to use.

describe-a-person-something-that-made-you-laugh Laughter: Essay, Meaning, IELTS Que Card, Speeches

Describe the person/thing that made you laugh.

I would like to share with you a funny incident that happened a few days ago where I really learned something important in life.

It was a very mysterious and scary night. I was driving along the road that led to my grandmother’s address, I was alone and I was very scared. The wind was whipping through the trees above my head. I even had the impression of hearing the call of a night bird.

The road ran past the cemetery. Then I remembered the horror shows I had seen on TV. Those scary stories and those scary faces haunted my mind. There was a thorny, prickly bush by the side of the road. It was so dark and gloomy that nothing could be seen with the naked eye. As I approached the thorny bush, I heard a growing hum. I was at the end of my rope. I knew there was something in the bush. I gathered all my courage and took a step forward. Again, I heard the sound. There was something gray and black in that bush. I came closer and saw two big eyes looking at me. The eyes glowed in the darkness. Imagine my state of mind! I was rooted there. I could neither move forward nor backward. I was very close to the cemetery where, in the hours of the night, spirits come out of the graves and play with human skulls. Suddenly, a scream sounded in my ears, and a large gray figure jumped out of a bush and ran away.

That’s funny.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh….I shouted. When I looked at it closely, I realized it was a cow. I could breathe again, after all…. a cow. I laughed for a long time. Tears ran down my face, I could hardly breathe. When I got to my grandmother’s house, I described what had happened to my family. They thought it was funny too.

What I learned from the incident.

You may be wondering how I can learn anything valuable from this incident. But I want to point out that many people tend to keep these things secret because they are embarrassed. But I learned that no matter how embarrassing the situation is, you should feel free to share it with others. After I told everyone about it, they laughed with me, but not at me. And even when they did, I felt good knowing that the reason for their happiness and joy was due to me. Describe an amusing moment in the comments below because – “Sharing joy is double joy”.

Questions to laugh at

  • Describe the person/thing that made you laugh.
  • Describe the person who made you laugh.
  • Describe something that made you laugh.
  • Essay on Laughter
  • The importance of laughter
  • It’s all about the laughter.
  • Describe a person/something that made you laugh IELTS Que Card


Describe the person/thing that made you laugh.

It must be said:

  • When this happened.
  • Where it happened.
  • Who was there?
  • And explain why you laughed


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