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Now that you know whether urban planning is right for you or not, there are 5 reasons why you should definitely consider obtaining a master’s degree in this subject:

Salary increase received

This doesn’t make any sense! A master’s degree can increase your reference salary by 30 to 100%. Who wouldn’t want that?

Discovering new career opportunities

By increasing your salary, homeowners also entitle you to positions and responsibilities that would otherwise take years or be impossible.

With a recent degree, you can either progress in your field, move on to another related field without having to answer any questions, or be treated like a beginner in your new field.

In this case, the master’s program can help you to go from a simple architect or engineer to an urban planner or designer or overall project manager for something as cool as a smart urban project. This way you get a more meaningful, challenging, and important job.

Add a rest time in

We’ve all come so far that we’re tired of all the work, we only live on weekends and all we need is a break. Or we’re in a phase where we’re just lost and don’t know what we want to do now.

Anyway, going back to college can be the most productive break of all time! You can return to the life of a carefree student with time to think about what you want to do. If you are exposed to many colleagues, professors, and industry leaders, your mind will be filled with ideas and the university will be excited to do what comes next!

Acquiring new skills

Of course, how could you forget? Whatever you do, you will definitely leave college armed with the best and latest tools for a great career. You’ll learn new skills, improve some of your existing skills, work on exciting projects, build a great portfolio, and learn from the best in the industry.

Start time

If your dream is one day to own your own business or studio, or even just freelance, there is no better place to do it. Networking with the different people you’ll meet at university will help you find potential partners to start with, mentors to hold on to and guide you, and maybe even some of your first employees will come from your university network. The new portfolio you build can help you get your first clients, and control will certainly increase your credibility in the market.

And if you’re lucky, the university you’re going to can have a start-up support program with incubation and starter funds (Anant University, for example)!

What is perhaps even more amazing is that today, if you are a dedicated and capable person, you can go to university even at a lower price, even for free! More and more institutions such as Ananta University now offer generous scholarships.

You haven’t done the quiz yet? Don’t miss it! Click here and find out for yourself if this is the best solution for you!

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