Importance of Water : Essay, Article, Speech, Paragraph, Composition, Note

The importance of water: Test, article, statement, paragraph, compound, note

Importance of water

The importance of water: As everyone knows, water is the reason for our existence and the pursuit of life on earth. It is very necessary to support life on earth and even on other planets. Without water, we cannot imagine the existence of life on any planet. Earth is still the only planet known to have water and life. Therefore, we must not lose sight of the value of water in our lives and we must do our best to save water by all available means. Approximately 71% of the country is covered with water, but only 3% is drinking water. A typical water budget cycle goes as planned, e. B. Evaporation and precipitation. However, the problem is to keep clean and potable water on the ground in very small quantities. Saving water is possible with a good human lifestyle.

Essay, article, speech, paragraph, composition, note The importance of water: Essay, article, statement, paragraph, composition, footnote

Why should we save water?

To understand why we need to conserve water, we first need to understand the importance of water, that is, how water helps us in our daily lives. Without oxygen, water, and food, life is not possible. But above all, water is the most precious of the three bases of life. The question is how much-uncontaminated water we have on earth.

It is estimated that less than 3% of the water on earth is potable. If we were to estimate the ratio of drinking water to the total world population, we would read that more than a billion people in the world live on one liter of water per day. It has also been predicted that by 2025 about 3 billion or more people will be affected by water scarcity.

People began to understand the value of clean water, even though they didn’t really try to save it. Saving water is good practice and each of us should do our best to save water to sustain life here. People used to be surprised that water was sold in the shops, but now they are willing to pay for a bottle of pure water worth 20 lakh rupees or even more for their health. We can imagine that in the near future there will be a great shortage of clean water on the entire planet.

Water value

Water is the most essential element for life and an indispensable source of livelihood. The importance of water in our diet is clear because it helps the body perform certain metabolic tasks and regulates body temperature; moreover, water is unparalleled because its density is comparable to that of the cellular protoplasm. There is no doubt that water is omnipresent, and it is very important for our country and the life that lives on it. Water contains no calories and is an important part of weight loss. It is an essential part of the value of our lives and a universal solvent.

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