How to Make a Lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition Recipe

This is a recipe for making a lightsaber in the Education Edition of Minecraft. It’s easy to make and can be done by anyone, but it does require some materials.

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In Minecraft, you can make a lightsabre using ice and a star shaped player. To make a lightsabre, you will need:

-4 blocks of ice

-1 star shaped player

-4 obsidian blocks

-4 redstone lamps

-1 glowstone block

First, you need to make the hilt of the lightsaber. To do this, place two blocks of ice next to each other on a crafting table. Then, place the star shaped player in the middle of the two blocks of ice. Next, surround the star shaped player with obsidian blocks. Finally, place redstone lamps on each side of the obsidian blocks.

Now that you have made the hilt of your lightsaber, it is time to add the blade. To do this, place the remaining two blocks of ice on top of the obsidian blocks. Then, place the glowstone block in the middle of the two blocks of ice. Now your lightsaber is complete! Test it out by swinging it around or using it to fight mobs in Minecraft!

What You’ll Need

In order to make a lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition, you’ll need the following ingredients:

* 1 x Water Bottle

* 1 x Block of Ice

* 1 x Star Fragment

* 1-2 x Bomb Flowers

Once you have all of the ingredients, follow these steps:

1. Place the block of ice in the middle of the crafting grid.

2. Add the water bottle to the top left square of the grid.

3. Place the star fragment in the bottom right square of the grid.

4. Add bombs to any other open square in the grid.

5. Collect your lightsaber and swing it around like Luke Skywalker or Darth Vader!

The Lightsaber Recipe

In Minecraft Education Edition, players can craft a lightsaber using ice and a star. This recipe was created by one of our community members, Yoda, and is inspired by the one used in the Star Wars movies. Here’s how to make it:

1. Craft a few ice blocks using water buckets and snowballs.

2. Place the ice blocks in the shape of a lightsaber on the ground.

3. Place a star in the center of the lightsaber.

4. Right-click on the star with an empty hand to pick it up.

5. Right-click again to swing the lightsaber!

You can also use this recipe to make lightsabers for other players in your world. Just place the ingredients in their inventory instead of on the ground. If you want to make a bigger lightsaber, you can use obsidian instead of ice blocks.

Building the Lightsaber

In Minecraft Education Edition, players can learn how to build a variety of structures, including the iconic Lightsaber from Star Wars. This recipe is a great way to show off your building skills and is perfect for players of all ages.

To build a Lightsaber, you will need:

-1 block of ice

-1 block of obsidian

-1 piece of redstone dust

-1 piece of string


1. Mine the obsidian and ice blocks from the environment. Be careful not to break the obsidian, as this will destroy your work so far.

2. Place the obsidian block on the ground and surround it with the ice blocks. Make sure that the obsidian block is in the middle of the square formed by the ice blocks.

3. Connect the ice blocks together using string or redstone dust. This will complete the frame of your Lightsaber.

4. Now, all you need to do is add a piece of redstone dust to your Lightsaber’s handle. This will serve as its ‘ignition’ switch and turn on your Lightsaber when activated.

Attacking with the Lightsaber

You will need the following items to make a Lightsaber in Minecraft Education Edition:


-Lightsaber Star

-Player’s Head


1. First, you will need to find some ice. You can find ice in the world by looking for water that has frozen over or by breaking an ice block.

2. Once you have found some ice, you will need to mine it with your hand or a tool. When you have a block of ice, right-click on it with your Lightsaber Star to start building your Lightsaber.

3. Next, you will need to attach the player’s head to the top of the Lightsaber. This can be done by right-clicking on the head with the Lightsaber Star.

4. Finally, you will need to add a bomb to the bottom of the Lightsaber. This can be done by right-clicking on the bomb with the Lightsaber Star.

5. Your Lightsaber is now complete! To attack with your Lightsaber, left-click on an enemy player or mob. lightsaber

Defending with the Lightsaber

Crafting a lightsaber in Minecraft: Education Edition is a simple process that requires only a few blocks of ice and some star-shaped players. With your new weapon in hand, youufffdll be able to defend yourself against hostile mobs and even Darth Vader and Yoda themselves!

To craft your lightsaber, youufffdll need:

-2 blocks of ice

-1 star-shaped player

Once you have all the ingredients, open your crafting table and place the blocks of ice in the middle two slots of the first row. In the second row, place the star-shaped player in the middle slot. This will create your very own lightsaber! You can hold it in your off-hand slot to use it as a weapon.

Lightsabers are incredibly powerful weapons and can easily dispatch most mobs with a single hit. However, they are not indestructible and will break if used too much. When your lightsaber breaks, it will drop an Iron Sword which can be used as a replacement.

If you find yourself up against Darth Vader or Yoda, donufffdt worry ufffd your Lightsaber is still more than a match for their lightsabers! Just be sure to watch out for their Force Bombs ufffd these can deal serious damage if they hit you.

Lightsaber Combat Tips

Lightsaber combat in Minecraft: Education Edition is a safe and fun way for players to engage in PvP (Player versus Player) combat. In this mode, players use ice blocks to construct lightsabers. These lightsabers can then be used to fight other players, with the aim of depleting their opponents’ health points.

There are a few things to bear in mind when engaging in lightsaber combat:

-The size of your ice block will determine the length of your lightsaber. A larger ice block will create a longer lightsaber, whereas a smaller ice block will create a shorter one.

-You can also use star-shaped blocks of obsidian to create lightsabers. These have the same effect as ice blocks, but are more difficult to mine.

-Lightsabers can be used to deflect enemy player’s TNT bombs. To do this, simply hold up your lightsaber and Right-Click on the TNT bomb. The bomb will then explode harmlessly in the air.

-If you are feeling especially brave, you can dual-wield two lightsabers by placing one in each hand. This will make you more vulnerable to attack, but will also allow you to deal more damage.

-Some famous Jedi and Sith characters from Star Wars have their own distinct style of combat. You can try mimicking these styles by watching clips of them fighting and then practicing with your friends. Some examples include Yoda’s agile defense or Darth Vader’s slow and powerful attacks.


Lightsabers are one of the most iconic weapons in the Star Wars universe, and now players can create their own in Minecraft Education Edition. The process is simple: all you need is some ice and a few fireworks.

First, create a 3×3 square of ice blocks. Then, place a firework star in the center of the square. When you light the firework, it will charge up the ice and create a lightsaber!

You can customize your lightsaber by using different colors of fireworks, and you can even make a double-bladed saber by using two firework stars. So get creative and see what you can come up with!

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