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COVID continues to present challenges and challenges for all of us, especially teachers and educators. It is important for team leaders to maintain the motivation of the team and support it in these difficult times. So if you’re a leader, how can you help your teaching team through COVID? We have developed a short guide below to help you help your team.

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Management must always ensure that its employees have a clear structure to follow. This can be done with the school management software Teach Kloud or with alternative methods such as establishing work routines. It can be as flexible as you want, so your employees can manage other demands in their lives. Tune in with management on the goals that your employees need to pursue on a weekly or biweekly basis to encourage them to stay focused and motivated.

Always take the time to check-in, instead of calling unannounced, because then they feel less stressed and overwhelmed. It is also very important that you keep your team informed; teachers are currently facing complex and new border issues. They will therefore need support to reflect on all the issues that will arise as a result of the changes in COWID.


Without a goal and without a direct link with students and teachers, things can become disorganized and misty. It is important to help your employees get a clear picture of their purpose, including what they need to do.

Consider discussing with them how they can help their students to stay in touch with the school community and achieve their goals.

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For everyone to be healthy, it is especially important to take care of his or her mental health during this period. As a manager, you have to ensure that employees take care of themselves and serve as role models for their students. Whether it is about eating well, getting enough sleep or limiting social media, mental health can be demonstrated and practiced in many ways.

It is also very important that your employees let your students know that they can express their feelings in these strange and uncertain times. Also, reassure them that what they feel is completely natural and accept their feelings. They can also help them with exercises or advice to help them feel better during periods of isolation and disability in the country.


While it is important to look after students and take care of them, you also need to make sure that your staff is well supported. Encourage them to come to you and talk about their problems, or just tell you how they feel about the current situation. You can help them identify people they can support by creating a team of employees who protect each other and work together. During this global pandemic, it is essential that your employees know they are being supported and that they can reach people while supporting their colleagues and students.

We hope these tips will help you manage your team of teachers through COVID, who in turn can use their skills to support their students. These are difficult times and it is important that we stay together and support each other.

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I firmly believe in a real group, and the continuation of the visit to the crib gave me a real aha-second. The board has an overview of the tasks that have to be carried out every day. Some are terrible missions and others are terrible missions. Everything must be done to make the home theatre a success. How does the instructor do that? Does she keep choosing the same job for a similar person just because she’s the best? Is it fair to say that a child is always a pioneer in the classroom? No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

Here’s a puzzle they taught me in kindergarten. Every person is an extraordinary person. All of them, in turn, are extraordinary people and are therefore alternately charged with the tasks that make the home cinema work well. One day you might be in the center of attention and have most to say, share your thoughts or be at the head, and the next day you have to put the books back on the shelf or wipe the board.

They stimulate each other, and since one person manages his or her responsibilities for the other, they must continue to help him or her complete the task. They all understand that if they don’t cooperate and don’t finish everything, the play won’t go on. An exceptional person will also receive a note at home a few days in advance stating that she will be an exceptional person that day and that she needs to be prepared.

Why don’t we move on to the business part? Anyone in your group can be a pioneer. There are certain tasks that need to be done in order for the company to run well, and all functions are equally useful. For example, a seller may carry out a large number of transactions, but if the authoritative party z. B. do not complete invoicing and accounting, these transactions do not add up to the total amount. To be successful, everyone must work together and respect each other.

Don’t forget that different people will shine on different days, but everyone is important in the group and everyone has something important to do, just as important as keeping the next person busy. All colleagues wave at each other: So when you help someone else do a task or push them to do something fierce, you force yourself. Moreover, all colleagues have thoughts that are substantial and all deserve respect. The exceptional pioneer strives to give everything to the group so that everyone can make a courageous commitment. image source:

And one more thing: Unlike kindergarten, you have no vague idea when the next opportunity to become an exceptional person presents itself. So, except for a few days in advance or trusting someone to tell you what training or skills you need to learn, take a step forward and prepare to get the best out of your group.


Team Of Teachers Through COVID
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