Fine Arts Course Details: Syllabus, Eligibility, Career

Have you ever stopped to look at a painting or a sculpture just to be surprised at the level of craftsmanship it contains? We all were. It is not uncommon to wonder how such art is possible. That’s because there are people who make a career out of it, who, despite the opposition, are willing to do anything to make the best of it.

Artists have always been admired. But as a profession, few people consider taking precautionary risks in this area. Fortunately, over time artistry has become a good career opportunity. There are many courses at universities and institutes where students learn fine arts. A career in the fine arts is something that makes great strides in today’s world.

That’s why we thought about profiling the best art courses offered in India. Well, let’s see.

What is Fine Arts?

Visual art is the study, understanding and exploration of art and its meaning. He is interested in factors such as design, music, painting, theatre, interior design, etc. People who think that the fine arts are only a tribute to painting and sculpture can be shocked. The fine arts offer a wide range of activities.

Art courses in India

Visual art teaches you to understand the aesthetics of art, not to think of the limits of justice. It helps people understand the depth of art and express it in their work.

Scope of the Visual Arts courses

If we look at the past, we can see the fine arts as an underestimated discipline. It is still underestimated, although it is beginning to be accepted by the general public. The concept of art is a big thing, and few people can understand it. The concept is now well-received worldwide and India also takes note of it.

Nowadays there are many courses in India that offer students the opportunity to study visual arts. These courses give students the opportunity to have a good career with great opportunities. It is clear that the industry is growing and will become even more important in the coming years.

Visual Arts courses offered

There are many art courses available and we have listed them for you below. Well, let’s see.

1. Diploma in Fine Arts

If you check out our list for the day, you can take a course for your diploma in Fine Arts. This course is called the Diploma of Fine Arts and is one of the basic courses that can be taken by anyone who wants to master the art. Here’s a complete overview.

Course details

It’s a one-year diploma course. This is a course that starts with the basics of the visual arts and teaches students how to understand and understand art. It also teaches students how to represent and follow the theories and philosophies about art. It is offered by many universities and colleges throughout India. The main modules studied in this course are Indian art history, clay modeling, practical art, sculpture, and many others. The course is divided into two semesters of six months each.


Since this is a diploma course, any student who wishes to do so must at least pass the +2 or high school. The student must have graduated from an accredited board or institute. They also had to score at least 50% for the course.

Scope of application

A student who has completed the Visual Arts Diploma can start his or her journey in the arts. You can play the role of artist, sculptor, art technician, graphic designer, and much more.

2. Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

After completing the course, it was time to obtain the final diplomas in Fine Arts. Our first degree in India is the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA). This course is very popular and is one of the basic courses in the visual arts. For more information, see below:

Course details

It is an undergraduate program, the duration of which varies from university to university and is between three and four years. It is offered by many universities throughout India. The course focuses on visual and performance art. It consists of modules on a biennial basis. You can choose the normal mode or the correspondence model of your choice. It teaches students to specialize in certain aspects of the visual arts. Modules are given on history, sketches, geometric perspective, commercial art, composition, visual art, and much more.


A student who wants to study in BFA must have completed secondary school or +2 in an approved committee or institute. The student must have achieved at least 50% academic success.

Scope of application

It is well known that this course offers a lot of employment opportunities. You can make art, teach, sculpt, and more. You can play a role as a writer, artist, art teacher, actor, graphic designer, and much more.

3. Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.A.)

This is another undergraduate program offered in India for students wishing to pursue a career in the fine arts. This course enables students to learn and understand the fundamental principles of art. This way a student can have a good career in life. We want to know more.

Course details

This is a bachelor’s program known as the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Fine Arts. The program shall run for three years and shall be implemented on an annual basis. It is offered by all major institutes and colleges in India. This course gives students the opportunity to learn about the history, aesthetics, design, conceptualism of art, the field of Indian art, etc.


In order to be eligible for this course, the student must have completed a school or secondary school +2 in an accredited board or institute. They also have to score at least 50% in high school. You must then register for the course.

Scope of application

A Bachelor of Arts degree is one of the best options for any student who wants a good career in the fine arts. Students learn different aspects of the arts and integrate them for a better career. In this area, you will be given roles as a visual designer, artist, painter, editor, art critic, and much more.

4. Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

We also have a master’s or graduate school for students who want to pursue a good career in the visual arts. This is an advanced art course and one of the most prestigious. This subject is studied by many students. Let’s look at the details of this course below.

Course details

The Master of Fine Arts is an advanced course and is a continuation of the BFA program. This contributes to a high level of understanding and decision making and enables students to prepare for a good career. This course lasts two years and is offered on a semester basis. The course includes advanced modules such as European art history, sociology, the mechanism of artistic perception, Indian architecture, and many others.


Every student who wants to continue his studies at AMF has to follow a diploma course. You must have completed it at an accredited university or institute and have a score of at least 50%. Some universities need a mark of 60%.

Scope of application

This is one of the top courses in fine arts and is intended for students looking for a long-term career in the fine arts. This course is intended to provide students with knowledge and experience at the management level. Students who receive an MFA can follow courses in art direction, music, storytelling, art criticism, art restoration, education, etc.

5. Master of Fine Arts (M.A.)

The last course on our list is another postgraduate course in the visual arts. This situation is slightly different from the above-mentioned Masters in Visual Arts, of which the modules and knowledge are slightly different. To find out more about this course, click here:

Course details

This is one of the advanced courses offered after the Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.A.). It is a two-year graduation course, which is held annually. This is one of the main subjects chosen by students who want to specialize in this field. The most important modules taught in this field are Indian art history, Indian architectural history, ceramics, drawing and painting, and many others. It is offered by all major Indian universities.


The admission criteria for this course are similar to those of the MFA and require that the student completes the course. The student must graduate from a recognized university or institution. They also had to score at least 50% on the final exam.

Scope of application

This course is one of the best art courses and has great prospects for the future. Someone with this diploma can become an art director, manager, teacher, animator, curator, designer, musician, etc.

The above courses are the best when it comes to visual arts. We hope this position will help you find your favorite option and career choice.


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