EWS Admission 2021-22: Online Application, Eligibility, Age Limit, FAQ

The admission of students to EWS/DG primary schools in Delhi follows a strict procedure. Once the application has been submitted, it is checked by senior officials and its authenticity is verified. If you come from a modest financial background and want to give your children the best education, admission to the Delhi Primary School is possible with the EWS income certificate for the DG category, you must have a Delhi caste quota. This acceptance process is performed by a computerized lottery system.

TWS/WG Session 2021-22 Registration plan

See Date
Open the online module to complete the online application for SAP/DG and children with disabilities. TBA
Deadline for online application of SAP/DG and categories of children with disabilities. TBA
First computer-controlled drawing date for children with disabilities. TBA
The first date of draw for children’s computers in the SAP and DG categories. TBA
Completion of the approval procedure TBA

Acceptance of SAP online application 2021-2022

The registration of the Delhi primary school is done online. You need to register on the official DOE website with your family and station information.

ERP application 2020-21

  • In the new registration form, fill in the required data marked with an asterisk.
  • Before clicking the Save button, check all the data you have entered as it cannot be changed.
  • A dialog box will appear, click OK to proceed to the next step of recording.
  • The following screen displays the connection details. Make sure you capture them properly. Make sure the password is case sensitive.
  • Then click on Login with the references above to complete the full form, which contains personal and academic information.
  • Information about parents, wards, place of residence, income must be filled in carefully.
  • Once you have completed all the fields, click on the Preview button and then on the Submit button, carefully checking all entered data.
  • Then go to Step 2, where you can fill in the school choices based on the distance to your house.
  • A selection of schools according to your priority will be proposed to you so that you can work according to your needs.
  • Select your school’s priority list and click Send. The following steps will help you fill in the different schools, depending on the distance to your place of residence, from 1 km to 6 km and beyond.
  • In the last step, click on the final application and print it.
  • In that case, you must tick on the declaration form that you agree with the completed list of details and the schools.
  • After the above step, the form is finally sent after you have clicked OK and a page appears that you can print for future use.
  • Keep your references as they are needed in future processes. If you have forgotten your login details, you can retrieve them using the Forgot Password option.

EWS Eligibility criteria

In order to be admitted to your service, you must belong to the EWS category according to Indian rules. Eligibility criteria for inclusion in the PSO category are as follows:

  •  Unless you are subject to another form of reserve in accordance with the regulations of the Indian Government.
  • The annual family income shall not exceed 1 Romanian lakh, including income from various other sources before the application is made.
  • No family member owns the following items:
    Agricultural land of 5 hectares or more.
    The living area of more than 1000 m².
    More than 100 m² of living space.
    More than 200 m² of living space in non-common areas.

profit certificate

  • You must submit a profit and loss account showing your family’s annual income. It provides income information so that your student can be admitted to SAP.

In order to be admitted to the DG category, you must produce a certificate of caste and proof of disability from the competent authorities in Delhi.

EWS/DG Age limit for reception

Certain age limits have been introduced for access to primary schools according to the GSP criteria and these must be respected. Previously there was no upper limit, but in the latest notifications, the Government of Delhi has also set an upper and lower limit for different classes.

  • Kindergarten/kindergarten / primary school: No more than four years and no less than three years as of 31/03/2020.
  • KG/pre-school/UKG: Four to five years from 31/3/2020.
  • 1. Class: Five to six years from 31/03/2020.

As the above classes are entry-level classes, they will only be mentioned in our discussion.

Some frequently asked questions about registrations

  • No proof of income/certificate has yet been issued. Can I apply for a job?

Yes, you can sign up for SAP 2021-22 in schools in Delhi. When filling in the application form, you must select the option you are applying for and then use the receipt number as proof of income or caste.

  • I lost my child’s birth certificate, which was proof of the date of birth. How can I apply for a job?

You can also register if you have no proof of your date of birth. You must submit a letter of commitment or a written declaration stating the child’s date of birth.

  • Some of the information on my child’s income and a birth certificate was incorrect. What is the application procedure?

Be sure to contact the competent authorities before filling in the form, otherwise, abnormalities will not be tolerated.

  • Which category should be selected for enrolment after qualification for both SAP and another enrolment category?

You can choose any category for the final selection of the school.

  • How is the application for twins or for admission as a sibling filled in?

We ask you to fill in two separate forms as part of this application.

  • I’ve lost my registration details. How do I get it back?

Click on Forgot Password on the home page. Then read and follow the instructions that appear to make it easier to retrieve your titles.


Education is one of the most important pillars of human life. With this initiative, the government of Delhi has tried to make education more accessible to all parts of the economically modest population. The purpose of this article is to raise awareness and draw attention to important aspects related to the admission outcome of GSP 2021-22: online applications, admissibility, age limit, frequently asked questions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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