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Essay on the White Revolution

White Revolution Essay Paragraph on the White Revolution  Speech on the White Revolution

After the success of the Green Revolution, the White Revolution or Company Flood began in India. The Green Revolution was so-called because it involved the development of high-yielding seed varieties and the development of food crops. The White Revolution also focused on the development of milk production and related products. It was launched by Dr. Verghese Curein with the idea that the development of milk production will help improve the economy and the lives of the people.

So the revolution began with the opening of a mulch cattle farm in Gujarat in 1974. And then it spreads to other areas. Before independence, India had to import milk to meet the needs of its crops. Also, people had no idea how to raise an animal on mulch at home to produce milk. So the White Revolution first raised awareness of all these problems and slowly succeeded in changing the lives of 13.4 million farmers in India. And of those, 3.4 million were women.

Hybrid and high-yielding cow varieties have been developed and farmers are interested in starting domestic livestock production. India has suitable climatic conditions for this activity and an abundance of available forage. Farmers can therefore run this business very profitably.

Under the leadership of Dr. Kurein, milk production reached 710 lakh tonnes in 1997-98. Milk is an essential and nutritious food, as well as the raw material for many other sweets and dairy products. When the need to import milk disappeared, the industry was able to make more profit and increase production. It has also benefited our own residents. And the living conditions of these people have improved thanks to a stable income.

Today, India successfully ranks among the countries with the highest milk production. However, there are some unfortunate drawbacks. There is no doubt that milk production has increased. But the question is whether this total amount was spent in order to make a sufficient profit. Producing high-quality dairy products and then exporting them to other countries is not an easy task because it requires a lot of money. Moreover, the treatment should be just as good. Obviously, not all of India is rich enough to afford it. Selling in our own local markets alone cannot generate enough profit, even if it meets local needs without too much effort. The United States of America has a number of positive points in this respect and is therefore in the lead.

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