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Helping a tiger is a very difficult job. There are many reasons but the main reason is that it is very difficult to catch a tiger. For this purpose we need to learn some techniques. It is very important to catch a tiger because we love these animals but sometimes they are ill and we cannot help them or they are in danger because they are very aggressive.

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For a long time, the conservation of wild animals have been subject to political and economic pressures. These pressures have been the cause of the decrease of animal populations in different parts of the world. Today, the number of tigers on the world is decreasing to such a large extent that the number has dropped to less than 400. This is a shocking figure to everyone so, what can be done to save them.



The tiger is India’s national animal. So, what do you believe the tiger’s fate should be? It is not, however, the right of any one individual to make such a choice. Humans have the right to life, but other creatures have the same right to exist on our planet.

Forests are being cut down in number.

Essay-On-Save-Tigers-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The most significant reason for the animals’ migration to the city is that the amount of forest available for humans to live in is diminishing.


The forest has been cleared, and the animals have been ejected from their homes. Humans, on the other hand, are incorrect in their lack of knowledge of animal problems.

If you remain where the animals would go and stay, you would see that the tiger is an animal that requires a lot of room to survive. He has to search for food in order to live in this environment, but if the human population is drastically decreased, the forest and animal populations will begin to dwindle. What will happen to the tigers and other animals if this happens?

Tigers Must Be Saved

Essay-On-Tiger-For-Students-038-Children-In-Simple-EnglishThere are tigers all throughout the globe, but when we visit India, we find a different story. There are just around 1400 tigers in the area. The tigers are housed in caverns and only a handful are murdered.

This is a highly unequal treatment of an animal. We all know that the tiger is India’s national animal, yet the Indian government has been ignoring the slaughter of tigers for a long time. When the number of tigers in India was discovered, the authorities realized what was going on.


That animal slaughter is becoming more common these days. Then they began to take harsh measures against it. Today, it is critical to comprehend the plight of a tiger that does not have a place to call home.

The tiger is a regal creature.

1625962655_693_Project-Tiger-Essay-For-Students-in-Easy-Words-8211-ReadThe tiger is a magnificent animal, and we can’t picture a jungle without one. Tigers are, without a doubt, the most deadly animals we have ever seen, but only because of one tiger. The remainder of the creatures are confined to a small area of the forest.

They are constantly under the protection of a tiger, who is the king of the forest, and they know that no matter what happens, the tiger will be there to defend them. It’s no surprise that the tiger kills the animals in order to live.

However, it is in the nature of the tiger to murder an animal and live, and even though the animals are aware of the tiger’s nature, they feel secure around him since they are more frightened of humans than of the tiger.

Humans, although having that quality, do not display any machine-like characteristics. They are not frightened of tigers because they understand their nature, but they are afraid of humans because they cannot discern their true character.

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Sometime in the past few years, the trend of wearing tiger-patterned clothes on the campus has become a common sight. This is not a fashion choice, but a life-saving one.. Read more about essay on save tigers in 200 words and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we save tigers essay?

The best way to save tigers is to stop killing them.

What can students do to save the tiger?

Students can help save the tiger by donating money to the World Wildlife Fund.

What is the tiger essay?

The tiger essay is a type of writing that is typically used to describe an event or situation.

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