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It is a known fact that every child is born as a girl and boy at the same time. But we do not know the reasons or the causes of this phenomenon. Child sex determination is a procedure that determines whether a fetus is a boy or a girl. The sex is determined by analyzing the cells. Nowadays, the sex determination method is different from the natural method. The parents’ desire to have a boy or a girl child is one of the reasons of this difference.

The girl child is the future of our society. She is the hope which keeps us going. She is the reason for the future. This is the reason why it is imperative for everyone to take care of the girl child as she is the future of our society. It is only the girl child who plays the role of the mother and the father of the coming generation. So, as a mother, father, brother and a sister, we have a great responsibility to take care of the girl child.. Read more about paragraph on save girl child in 150 words and let us know what you think.


It is impossible for humanity to survive on Earth without the equal involvement of both men and women. Both are equally accountable for the growth of any nation, as well as humanity’s continued survival on this planet. Women, on the other hand, are unquestionably more essential than males since we cannot imagine humanity continuing to give birth to people without them.

Girl children should not be murdered; instead, they should be provided with safety, respect, and equal opportunity to achieve their dreams. It is a source of assistance and innovation in the formation of civilization’s destiny. Women, on the other hand, are victims of their own society, suffering from female feticide, rape, sexual abuse, dowry murder, and so on. What a humiliating situation!


Campaign to Save Daughters


A young girl should be preserved in society for a variety of reasons:

In every area, she is less competent than males, yet she gives it her all.

To rescue females, everyone should follow all of the regulations to the letter.

Girls have been shown to be more submissive, less aggressive, less haughty than guys.

She has shown that she is more responsible for his family, work, society, and nation than he is.

A woman may be a mother, a wife, a daughter, or a sister. Everyone should believe that his wife is the daughter of another man, and that his daughter will marry someone else in the future. As a result, everyone should show respect for women.

He’s more worried about his parents and his own behavior.

A female is more unique than a guy because she is extremely devoted to her duties, both personal and professional.

“The development of a nation is impossible without trained and educated mothers,” Napoleon once remarked, “and if half of my country’s inhabitants are not educated, half of them will stay illiterate.” As a result, we should strive to establish an atmosphere where no woman is illiterate.


The Government’s Initiatives to Save Girls


The government has made some efforts to rescue and educate females. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is the most recent effort in this area, and it has received widespread backing from the government, NGOs, business organizations, and human rights activists and NGOs.

Various social groups have contributed to the effort by building toilets in women’s schools. In India, crime against girls and women is a significant impediment to progress and development.

Female feticide was one of the main problems, but the government has outlawed it in hospitals by requiring ultrasound for gender determination, scan tests, and other procedures. The greatest aspect is that our Prime Minister has taken an excellent effort to promote girls’ education via a village-based campaign. He believes that if we want to build our nation, we must educate all of the females.

Factors Contributing to Girls’ Low Education Rates


There are a variety of reasons that contribute to women’s lack of education in society.


Marriage of a minor

Child labor is illegal in the United States.

The dowry system, for example.

A daughter should not be despised, murdered, or ridiculed. For the sake of society and the nation, she should be respected and cherished. She, like the boys, is an equal participant in the country’s growth.

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A lot of people will get your hopes up sometimes. They’ll promise you the moon and the stars, and you’ll believe them. Then they’ll let you down, and you’ll lose all faith in them.  How do you know they’re the right ones to trust? You’ll have to trust in yourself.  You’ll have to never let them take your heart away, and if they do, you’ll have to find out how to get it back.  You’ll have to trust yourself, and then you’ll have to trust your judgement.  And if they give you a chance, and if you trust your heart and your judgement, you’ll have to believe that you’ll have your life back.. Read more about essay on the rights of the girl child and let us know what you think.

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