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Sati is a process of funeral which is practiced in some Indian religions. It dates back to ancient times and is believed to be an act of reverence for the dead which includes a period of seclusion (by a widow) and prayer. It is usually used to describe the prohibition of widow remarriage after a husband’s death. In India, sati has been illegal since the late 19th century. This is because of the belief that it is unethical to allow the widow to marry again. However, the practice was re-legalized by the Indian Parliament in 2002. The practice of sati, mainly in India and Nepal, has been the subject of political controversy and social debate.

What is Sati? Why do parents choose Sati? Why is it so popular in India? What are the advantages and disadvantages of Sati? These are some of the questions that are asked by those who are not familiar with the customs and traditions of the Indian people.

Sati system in india is a practice that is back in vogue at present. The system of Sati means and practice of burning or immolation of a woman upon the death of her husband. It arises from a Hindu practice known as sati, which is the rite of widows voluntarily jumping into their husbands funeral pyre. In history, sati was practiced in north-east India by Rajputs, Jats and Brahmin women, and later by some Hindu Bengali women in Bengal. The practice was banned in 1829 by the British East India Company, and was abolished in India by the Indian Sati (Prevention) Act, 1988.. Read more about speech on sati and let us know what you think.


What Is Sati System and How Does It Work?

It’s a system in which if a spouse dies, the living wife is compelled to sit on the pyre of her husband’s death, holding his corpse on her lap. In a nutshell, when her husband died, the ladies were compelled to end their own lives.


Essay-On-Sati-System-For-Students-In-Essay-Words-8211This heinous crime against women took place in the third century B.C. This heinous practice has its origins in the northern Indian subcontinent’s nobility and has spread like wildfire from the 12th to the 18th centuries. People in the Hindu society believed in the Sati system.



1625964943_525_Essay-On-Sati-System-For-Students-In-Essay-Words-8211Sati was given to the system because Sati means “nice wife” in Sanskrit, and it also represents the name of the goddesses who were Lord Siva’s wives.

There were several Satis who joyfully burned themselves together with their husband’s dead corpse, but there were a few who refused to do so, and those who refused were rejected from society.

Diodorus believes that the Sati system began because Indians were the first to marry for love. If the marriage went bad, the women would poison their husbands and kill them, then marry the man they love again. To prevent this, the people proposed accompanying the women with their husbands’ dead bodies.


It was discovered, according to some reports, that this system had extended even to the Southeast Asian continent. It was a very uncommon tradition in Indonesia, although it was seen among royal households.

Within the Sikh community, the Sati System is used.

1625964944_55_Essay-On-Sati-System-For-Students-In-Essay-Words-8211When the founder of the Skihk society, emperor Ranjit Singh, died, four of his wives and seven of his concubines took up the Sati system.

Colonial Power in the United Kingdom

1625964944_648_Essay-On-Sati-System-For-Students-In-Essay-Words-8211The Sati system was outlawed by the Portuguese. Raja Ram Mohan Roy and William Carey, two renowned reformers, worked hard to eradicate this terrible practice.

When his sister-in-law was compelled to follow the Sati system after her husband died, Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the founder of the Brahmo Samaj, accepted the initiation.

Some Hindu organizations argued that no one, including the government, should intervene in religious matters. Raja Ram Mohan Roy wrote a treatise criticizing the Sati practice in 1821.

William Bentinck was appointed governor of India in 1828. He brought an instant stop to the situation. On December 4, 1829, it was decreed that the Sati system is a criminal crime against the window, and that anybody caught forcing for the same would be severely punished.


This was simply an unlawful conduct perpetrated against the ladies. When the groom became old and died, the bride grew young and was forced to accept the Sati system.

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