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Today, in India, the road is the second largest killer of our children at the age of 12. The number of deaths on the road is increasing day-by-day. Even if we have proper safety measures in place, accidents do happen. The number of deaths on the road has gone up to 30,000 per annum. According to the World Health Organisation, more than 1 lakh children are dying every year on the road.

Accidents are not only a way of life in our country, but they also play a major role in the life of the nation. The more we drive, the more we see accidents happening, every day. Our country has to pay special attention towards road safety.

In today’s world, road accidents are becoming one of the most important causes of death and injuries among people, especially among children. A lot of people tend to blame road accidents on reckless driving and dangerous behavior of drivers, but the real cause is due to lack of awareness on road safety. Essay on Road Safety For Class 4th Students: This essay is on the road safety and safe driving. Road accidents are the most common cause of deaths and injuries among people, especially among children. Many people tend to blame road accidents on reckless driving and dangerous behavior of drivers, but the real cause is due to lack of awareness on road safety. Children are the most vulnerable and least protected group of people when it comes to road safety. The following



The term “road safety” refers to the prevention and protection of a road from an accident by using all available road safety measures. It is a security precaution of safety for individuals going on the road.

Why Is It Critical To Have A Road Safety Plan?  

Essay-On-Road-Safety-For-Class-4th-Students-In-EasyPeople’s safety is one of the most important elements to have so that we may prevent road accidents, deaths, and injuries, among other things. It is for the safety of many people. We can assess the significance of road safety based on national statistical data in terms of total reported mortality, accidents, and death, among other things.


Pedestrians and one-way road users were involved in almost 42% of the incidents, according to the statistics.

We Have the Ability to Prevent Road Accidents  

1625965071_756_Essay-On-Road-Safety-For-Class-4th-Students-In-EasyIt is mandatory to take a driving course under the supervision of qualified instructors. Before getting behind the wheel, everyone should take a driving course.

There is a need to include measures of road safety in the school curriculum so that pupils are aware of the importance of road safety and have a full understanding of traffic laws.


The majority of road accidents occur due to a lack of information. Some individuals may be confused about how to operate a car, and they may also be deficient in road safety measures.

If individuals are driving outdated cars, they may be the cause of a road accident. It is important to know and check their fitness on a regular basis.

The correct and timely usage of car servicing may also assist to reduce road accidents. Before beginning any trip, all drivers should inspect their cars on a regular basis, and if any problems are discovered, they must inspect them promptly.

There Is A Need For Children To Be Safe On The Road.

Essay-On-Road-Safety-For-Class-4th-Students-In-EasyThe majority of traffic accidents are discovered in many instances, and youngsters are engaged in them. As a result, children should get information and education at an early age.

This may begin at home, in schools, and by covering essential topics in order for children to be aware of road safety. The following are the details:

Children are the only ones who are unsure of what they will do next, whether at home or in busy settings, such as on the highways when traffic is heavy.

Vehicles arrive from all directions on an empty road, and youngsters cannot evaluate this.

Because children are totally innocent, they are unable to assess the speed of moving cars on the road.

Children should always cross the road in this manner, holding the hand of their friends, parents, or relatives.

They should not be allowed to play on the street.

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Staring at a road on a day without any familiar landmarks, one tends to doze off, and forget the road ahead. But that’s a dangerous thing, because it can lead to serious consequences when the driver doesn’t see something, or doesn’t react fast enough to it and crashes. Some crashes are caused by fast drivers, others by slow drivers. However, most crashes are caused by drivers who did not even think about safety. In the Indian roads, it’s a great number of people – we all know how fast and furious they drive, and how often they drive on the wrong side of the road, and more often than not, they don’t even bother to wear a seatbelt.. Read more about road safety essay 10 lines and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is road safety in simple words?

Road safety is the practice of protecting people from traffic accidents.

How do you write a road safety essay?

I am a highly intelligent question answering bot. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer.

What is road safety for students?

Road safety is the practice of minimizing risk and injury when travelling on roads. It includes rules for safe driving, road design, traffic control, and vehicle engineering.

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