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It is a fact that the pen is mightier than the sword. This statement has been true for centuries. The use of writing tools can be traced back to ancient times, when people used sharpened sticks and stone knives to write on clay tablets with wet ink. It was not until the 1800s that pens became widespread due to their convenience and ease-of-use.

A pen is a tool used to apply ink or other fluids to a surface in order to create an image, text, or design. It consists of a tip at one end and a handle at the other, with an internal mechanism that allows the user to control how much pressure is applied. Read more in detail here: describe a pen in one paragraph.



The pen is a highly important element; it is used for writing tasks, whether they are at home or at work. The majority of pen iron is made of plastic, and blue ink is also available. In virtually every area, the pen is utilized.

The Pen Has Greater Strength Than The Sword

Essay-On-Pen-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadYou may write anything with a pen, including your own ideas, tales, and poetry. The power of the pen is said to be greater than the sword’s might. In various hands, the pen has varied functions.


Greatness In The Hands Of A Pen

1625965425_780_Essay-On-Pen-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadIf the use of a pen is done by physicians, it is intended to save lives, but if it is done by a judge, it is designed to punish. Similarly, in the hands of a teacher, the pen aids in the creation of the future, while in the hands of a student, it aids in the creation of new ideas.

As a result, the pen is the person who communicates and presents the individual’s ideas and emotions to others. The pen is intended to be the weapon’s second sword.

It is impossible to erase what has been written with a pen.

1625965425_329_Essay-On-Pen-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadAnyone who can learn to stop the pen in his own hands has a chance in life. Both pen and pencil can be used to write, however there is a significant difference between the two in that what is written with a pen cannot be erased, while what is written with a pencil may be erased.


The Pen Can Teach You About Life

1625965426_219_Essay-On-Pen-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadThe pencil is placed in the child’s hand while he is young so that if he makes a mistake, he may erase it off the rubber. However, when the kid gets older, the pen is placed in his hand so that he understands that mistakes committed in the past are no longer reversible.

A person who has learnt to handle a pen in his hand may accomplish many things in life if he so desires. You should be aware that the pan is shaped like a pen and pencil known as a raw pen. As someone wisely put it, ‘When a kid grows up, his pencil is handed to him in his hands so that he understands that it would be difficult to erase his errors.’

The Writer Is The World’s Rulers

1625965426_56_Essay-On-Pen-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadThousands of authors are controlling the hearts of the people via the pen, and no author will be able to alter this nation alone through the pen.

Thousands of writers began a new shift in the nation via their pen, unaware that so many authors controlled the hearts of the people by their beautiful ideas, poems, writings, and speeches.


There is no question that the pen has the power to alter the world. Many great Indian leaders used the pen to help eliminate evil from society.

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Essay on pen in urdu is an essay that is written in easy words. It talks about how the use of pens has changed over time and what its purpose was originally. Reference: essay on pen in urdu.

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