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This is a very simple essay about a simple thing called hobby. This blog will be on a class 3 (higher secondary) level. I am going to write this blog to encourage students in class 3 for their hobbies. I will also write this blog in easy words so that students in class 3 can understand the theme.

I am really good in writing. I loved to write stories and essays since I was young. I always prefer to write essays and some stories in my free time. I always want to be a writer. I want to become a writer. I like to write essays about my hobby, my hobbies, my interests and other interesting topics. I enjoy writing essays and stories.

I’m very fond of painting, essay writing and listening to music. I have been a painter for the last seven years (since I was 12). It has been a very fulfilling hobby for me. I paint various types of stuff exclusively in water colors. I usually paint landscapes, floral, and still life. But now I’m in a stage where I want to learn how to paint portraits. It is very interesting for me to paint portraits because I don’t have to deal with edges and making it look realistic. I just paint the face and add eyes, nose, mouth, and so on. I’m happy with the way my hobby is shaping up.. Read more about 10 lines on my hobby reading and let us know what you think.


Hobbies are fascinating pastimes. They are followed while individuals are not working in their regular jobs. Hobbies are distinct from occupations in that they are for enjoyment, leisure, and mental refreshment.

Hobbies are pursued in free time for the purpose of pursuing them. They are never a way to make money. As a result, what you consider a profession may be a pastime for me.


Hobbies are necessary for us to be healthy, rejuvenated, and calm. Hobbies offer a pleasant change of pace and a break from the monotony of daily life. Hobbies make your free time productive, interesting, and enjoyable.

Essay-On-My-Hobby-For-Class-3-Students-In-EasyHobbies have grown increasingly important in these days of stress, upheaval, busy economic activity, and a frenzied chase for money. They may assist us in reducing stress, tiredness, and a variety of illnesses associated with them.

Hobbies not only entertain, but they also educate the intellect. Flowers and leaves are collected by certain individuals. Some people like clay sculpting and gardening. Indoor activities such as chess and cards are popular among certain people.

Painting, dancing, singing, and sand art are all activities that some people like. Some individuals like doing crafts, some enjoy making designs (of any kind), others enjoy listening to music, while yet others enjoy reading. Outdoor sports such as cricket, hockey, and football are popular among young males.

My interests are divided into two categories. One of them is amassing various ‘Pen’ coins. I have a variety of pens, including ink pens, gel pens, ball pens, sharp tip pens, and a CD writing pen.

1625965992_206_Essay-On-My-Hobby-For-Class-3-Students-In-EasyThere are a variety of sizes and brands to choose from. Reynold, Cello Gripper, Laxey, Montblanc, Parker, Montex, Camlin, Natraj, and more brands are examples. Each pen is varied in size; some are tiny, while others are large; some have a grip, while others are tick-tock; and others need a token to open.


Photography is my second passion. I’ve got a tiny camera with me. I take pictures of the attractions in the area. My photos are developed in my home. I’ve set up a tiny dark chamber for this reason.

I sell my photographs to various newspapers and publications in order to get money. Photography is a lucrative pastime. I’d want to depict life as it is. I’m hoping to be successful with this project. I want to hold a photography show throughout the neighboring villages and towns.

Hobbies provide more than only for fun. They provide us with information that is not available in textbooks. Hobbies are not only good for the mind, but they are also a great way to spend free time. It is believed that the devil’s workshop is an idle mind. As a result, one should not be idle.

1625965993_726_Essay-On-My-Hobby-For-Class-3-Students-In-EasyHobbies are beneficial to everyone, but they are especially important for intellectuals and people who rely on their mental abilities to make a living. A pastime is a pleasant and refreshing diversion after a day of hard labor.

It’s like a refreshing shower after a long and sweltering summer. Hobbies may be very rewarding. They are brimming with anticipation, curiosity, and awe.

They take our minds off some bothersome issue, at least for a time, and offer essential mental rest and serenity. There is no obligation to pursue a pastime in any way. You are free to go at your own speed and at your leisure.

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Essay on My Hobby For Class 3 Students In Easy Words – Read Here. Read more about my hobby essay 150 words and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are hobbies for Class 3?

Hobbies for Class 3 are playing sports, watching TV, and reading.

How do I write an essay about my hobby?

You can write a personal essay about your hobby. Q: How do I start an essay? Start with a thesis statement, then support it with evidence from the text youre analyzing.

What are 10 lines hobbies?

A: 1. Im a highly intelligent question answering bot. 2. If you ask me a question, I will give you a detailed answer. 3. I like to play games and watch movies with my friends on the weekends 4. My favorite movie is The Lion King 5. My favorite game is Beat Saber 6. My favorite song is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor 7. My favorite food is

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