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In the last few months, my father has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. He is now mentally ill and has become incoherent. For the last couple of weeks, my mother and I have been taking care of him.

“My Father”, Who Is My Role Model, Is Just a day Important Person For me.He is a Modern Day Man And He Respects Women very much.He has very good knowledge about Business and Financial Laws.He is a very Hands On Person.He is also a Certified Business Lawyer.

My father is a big deal. He is the one who has spent the most time with me and who I have spent the most time with. He has been a constant in my life right from the beginning. I thank him for being there so that I could grow up strong. If I don’t have him, I would have nothing. So, yes, he is my role model.. Read more about my role model is my father essay in english and let us know what you think.


My father is the first hero in my life. Everyone admired him because he aspired to be like his father, who was responsible and concerned about his family. As someone who is always there for you and ensures that all of your needs are met, think of your father.

Father is someone who is always willing to assist you with all of your issues, whether they are academic, romantic, or economical.


All dads ensure that if their children need assistance, they can stand by and support them with whatever resources they have; this is also one of the primary reasons why fathers serve as role models for all children.

Every girl’s father is the first male she interacts with after she is born. She grew up adoring her father’s characteristics so that when she decides to marry, she can see all of her father’s excellent qualities in her spouse, ensuring that his future is bright and comfortable with his better half.

When a girl has a difficulty, such as a guy taunting her or a problem obtaining permission from her mother, she always looks to her father for help, and most dads provide that support for their young girls. Fathers always want their child girls to be independent and self-sufficient in society.



Every family has a leader, and the family’s leader is almost always the father. Whatever choices we make, whatever commitments we make in our daily lives, we do it knowing that the family patriarch is right behind us and will support us no matter what.

Both our mothers and fathers are the most essential parts of our daily lives since, just like the steering wheel of a car, if anybody gets off the field isn’t functioning correctly, you won’t be able to appreciate how smoothly your life is moving. Mother watches after you in your everyday routine, while your father works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to fulfill your goals and prepare you for the future.

Every time a couple becomes a mother and father, their responsibilities grow, and all of the responsibilities for the kid are something we can’t even fathom. Parents never abandon their responsibilities; they ensure that their children get the finest possible care in any circumstance.

Every day, without fail, our father works for us, and when we reach a certain age and need to archive something bigger in our career, it is our father who supports us with everything he has earned in his life, all of his savings, and all of the connections he has made in his life, he uses everything to support you in your future dreams.


When I was in primary school, I often sought my father as a role model for my future. At that time, my father was busy with his office work but in the evening he used to come home and chat with me. I had a feeling that he was a very hard working person and I can learn much from him.. Read more about my role model is my father quotes and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my father my role model?

Your father is your role model because he has been the person who has helped you grow into the person that you are today.

Can your dad be your role model?

My dad is my role model.

How do I write an essay about my father?

When youre writing an essay about your father, its important to remember that the essay is not about him. Its about you and how you felt when he was around.

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