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Today, I had a debate with one of my school-mates. He used to repeatedly start saying his dream to become a teacher. He said, “I want to be a teacher because i want to teach people.” I was thinking, why is he dreaming of a career which demands hardwork and is full of challenges? He will be working in a school for most of his life. I was all the more surprised when he started arguing that teachers were overpaid for their work. His father is a teacher and he knows how hard teachers work. When I was teaching, I could not afford to tell him that only because of the salary I received was I able to buy groceries for my family, let alone pay for my

There are many things that are difficult in life, but there are also lots of things that are not so difficult. For example, it is very difficult for a class 3 student to get admission in a good college. But, it is not so difficult to get admission in a good college if you are serious to get admission in a good college. Class 3 students should take admission in a good college seriously because the admission in a good college is a big opportunity in life.

I always takes pride in being a teacher, whether it is in my own school or my previous one. I love the feeling of seeing my students flourish academically and emotionally. What really made me happy was the time I spend with my students, especially when they are less active, I pass my time in helping them on their homework and preparing them for the coming tests. I also love to see my students develop a more positive attitude towards learning.. Read more about paragraph on my dream for class 5 and let us know what you think.



The dream is nothing more than a figment of our imagination. A dream is also something we want to achieve in the future. Every individual has a personal goal that they wish to achieve at some point in their lives.

My mother’s desire is for me to build a large home for her. Yes, there is a place for Mom. I adore her and hold her in high regard. My mother had made many sacrifices in order to provide for me. Even when her father died, she never made us aware of his absence.


So, welcome to my ideal home. I’ve always fantasized of having a large piece of land on which to construct a massive home. My ideal house will have seven stories. There will be three rooms on each level.

A large drawing room will be on the ground level. I’ll do the interior design of the most prestigious brand in the drawing room. In my dining room, I want to install the world’s biggest television.

The drawing room will be air-conditioned throughout. My dining table will feature a diamond in the corner, giving everyone a regal sense as they dine. There will be a lot of decorations in the drawing room as well.

Essay-On-My-Dream-For-Class-3-Students-In-EasyI’m planning to maintain an idol of Radha Krishna in the drawing room, of whom my mother is a devout follower. I want to hang a beautiful and well-known artwork on the drawing room’s main wall.

The homes on the first and second floors will be maintained for the guests. Each room will have its own toilet and bathroom, as well as excellent facilities to help the guests feel at ease.


My mother and I will occupy a room on the third and fourth floors. Because my mother enjoys painting, she will have her own bedroom and a separate room for her hobbies.

I’ll be the king on the fourth floor. I’m going to keep all three rooms to myself. My study area will be one, my hobby room will be another, and my play room will be the last but not least. The upper three levels will once again be reserved for my four sisters.

I’ll retain the elevator since my home will be seven stories high. I’ll set up a sitting and tea area on the terrace for everyone to watch the sunset while drinking tea.

1625966248_22_Essay-On-My-Dream-For-Class-3-Students-In-EasyIn front of my large home, I want to create a garden in which I will grow a variety of lovely flowers. I’ll hire a gardener to take care of the yard.

I’ll hire at least 10 people to look after such a large and lovely home. Some will be employed in the kitchen. Two of them will be in charge of cleaning the bedrooms, while the others will be assigned to other tasks.


I understand that in order to make my dream home a reality, I must work diligently throughout my life. In my studies, I must always be honest. I hope that I will be able to realize my ambition.

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As a student of class 3, I often ponder about my future in class-3. I always dream about entering the best college and getting all the best education in the world. I think this is the best time to have a dream for students like me.. Read more about essay about dreams at night and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my dream essay in English?

My dream essay in English is a poem about the beauty of nature.

What is your dream in life write in 5 sentences?

My dream is to help people. I want to be able to provide a service that helps people in need and makes them happy.

How do you write your dreams?

I write my dreams in a journal.

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