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The essay is a well-known genre of writing that has been around for centuries. It is a type of personal statement, written from the perspective of the writer.

The my city essay 10 lines is an essay on my city for students and children. It is written in a simple and easy language that makes it suitable for everyone.


From the time I was born till now, I have never left Mumbai; I am 19 years old and still live here; I have never left my city alone; life in Mumbai is quick, and people are unaware of who lives in their area; this is a truth.

Maya Nagri, which translates to “magical city,” is the name of the city, and residents are assigned jobs based on their professions, with pay commensurate with the effort.


In my city, there is a well-known location.

The fact that the Bollywood business is solely focused on her is well-known. Mumbai is also proud of its British heritage. It is also the country’s metropolitan city. There are many options.

India’s Gate



The Gate of India, which is surrounded by the Arabian Seas in the Colaba District, was built in 1924 at the point of the Apollo Bunder. This is a renowned British monument that was erected to remind people that the British also came to Mumbai. Sir George, the governor of Bombay, designed this monument.



The Elephanta Caves are a world heritage site in India, including a sculpture of Lord Shiva and Swami Vivekanand at the cave’s entrance. This location is also known as the Garapuri. The art is created in solid basalt rock, and many of the works in these caves have been severely damaged. This structure dates from the nineteenth century. Many visitors come to learn about our Indian culture’s past.

Fountain of Flora


This flora fountain is also known as the Hutatma Chowk and is situated in south Mumbai. Flora is named after the Roman goddess Flora, and it was constructed under the British Raj in India. Many visitors come to admire the Roman goddess’s beauty.


Museum of the Prince of Wales


This museum is the vastu sangralay of Great Shivaji Maharaj, and it has a variety of exhibits like as paintings, ancient sculpture, monuments from bygone eras, textiles, bronze, and many other items for the public to learn about history.

Lines de mer (Marine Lines)


It is a location where anybody can come and enjoy the fresh sea breeze, and the major things to see on the beach are the magnificent stones along the seashore. It is situated in south Mumbai. For all foreign visitors, it is really a lovely location.

Because the people here are extremely fascinating and love to assist one other if they need it, I will never want to leave my hometown and move elsewhere. Because there are so many markets around us, I prefer to go to the ones that aren’t found in any other Indian city. This city is as beautiful as I want, therefore I will never leave my gorgeous home, which I adore.


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The why i love my city essay is an essay about why the author loves their city. It is written in a simple and easy language so that children can understand it easily.

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