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Love marriage is a term used to describe the act of marrying someone without having met them before. Arranged marriage, on the other hand, is when you are introduced to your partner by your parents or guardians before you get married.

Love marriages are not always the best choice. Arranged marriages are a good way to ensure that the person you marry is compatible with you and has similar values as well as interests.



Marriage is a stage in life when two people decide to join their lives together and spend the rest of their lives together. Both partners take an oath in front of their spouse.

In contemporary times, the marriage has lost part or all of its significance. The females have been allowed greater freedom to select their mate, and the same is true for the guys.


The contemporary person interacts with the opposite sex in a short period of time, which leads to an increase in the number of love marriages. However, some individuals think that arranged marriages will endure for a long time. Love marriages do not get the respect that arranged marriages do.


Essay-On-Love-Marriage-VS-Arranged-Marriage-For-Students-8211Many restrictions were placed on women’s living styles in ancient India. They were not permitted to discuss their options. Getting married to a person you love, on the other hand, was not a difficult task. Many of the god’s stories include descriptions of people falling in love and marrying.

Later on, as time passed, their offspring were left with little choice but to follow their elders. Whether the other spouse likes being a wife or husband or not, they must follow the orders of the family, particularly the elders.

The issue was taken up by the caste system and riches. The family member wishes for their children’s marriages to take place in the same caste family, as well as in a rich household.

Individuals gradually begin to see love marriage in a bad light, yet there are still some people who fall in love with a spouse who may be wealthy or poor, and from a different caste.

Some of the benefits and drawbacks of both love marriage and arranged marriage are listed below.


The Benefits Of A Love Marriage

1625966698_105_Essay-On-Love-Marriage-VS-Arranged-Marriage-For-Students-8211There are no age, looks, money, or other similar restrictions in a love marriage. People who fall in love just trust in their partner’s love; the rest of their lives are irrelevant to them.

In a love marriage, there is no need for a dowry. In one pair of clothing, the girl and her husband may travel. Because they have known one other for a long time, the love marriage pair may realize their goal with only one choice.

There is no room for a quarrel in a love marriage since the pair understands one other’s history.

Arranged Marriage Has Its Benefits

1625966699_101_Essay-On-Love-Marriage-VS-Arranged-Marriage-For-Students-8211The couple’s family is constantly behind them, supporting them in every way they can. When a difficulty develops in the marriage, the family members support and explain the situation to the couple.

Parents make excellent decisions in terms of the family’s financial situation and the appearance of their spouses.

Arrange: Love V/S

The future of a love marriage is uncertain, while the future of an arrange marriage is certain since both parents are involved.

In a love marriage, the person does not consider the future, but in an arranged marriage, the parents force the girls to marry into a rich family, and the boys’ family need the girl’s attractive look.

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Love marriage vs arrange marriage is a debate that has been going on for centuries. Some people believe in love marriages while others believe in arranged marriages. Reference: love marriage vs arrange marriage quotes.

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