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Kashmir is an important issue in India. For many years, there have been numerous reports that Kashmir is the most militarised area in the entire world. The tense situation in Kashmir has led to an increase in the number of terrorist activities in the region. With this increase in terrorist activities, the government of India has taken a number of measures to control the situation. But this has not prevented several terrorist attacks on the Indian security forces.

Kashmir is one of the most disputed areas of the world. It was a part of India until the partition of India. In 1947, the Maharaja of Kashmir acceded to India and Pakistan claimed the state. The princely state of Kashmir is claimed by India and Pakistan to be an integral part of their territories and both countries have fought for the country’s control since its independence. The people of Kashmir have the right to determine the state’s future.

Kashmir is a region in Indian Administered Kashmir, at the northwesternmost end of the Indian subcontinent. It was ruled by the Hindu Shah Mirza of the Afghan Timurid dynasty from 1391 to 1413, then by the Sikh Maharaja Ranjit Singh from 1701 until the Sikh defeat at the hands of the British in 1846. At the time of the partition of India in 1947, the Maharaja of Kashmir acceded the princely state to the Republic of India, and embraced the name of his kingdom, acceding his remaining princely states to Pakistan. After India’s military intervention in 1948 to prevent the state from being integrated in Pakistan, the state came under the authority of India, and Sheikh Abdullah, the prime minister. Read more about kashmir essay in english easy words and let us know what you think.



There are so many locations on the planet, and each one has its own distinct beauty or distinctiveness. Kashmir is one of the most beautiful locations to visit, as well as a popular tourist destination.

Kashmir’s Story

1625964440_664_Essay-On-Summer-Vacation-For-Class-4-Students-8211-ReadKashmir used to be part of the Indian region known as Bharat in the past. In the past, there existed the reign of the kings, and each location was governed by a different monarch.


After the British arrived in India and began controlling it. They began to unite all of the states under one set of rules and regulations, thus ending the distinct kingdom function.

Before leaving India, the British split the country into two halves. India was the first portion, while Pakistan was the second. Pakistan began capturing Kashmir after it was split from India.

At the time, the ruler of Kashmir requested India’s assistance. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s president, aided him in saving Kashmir.

As a gift, the Prince of Kashmir signed an agreement declaring Kashmir to be Indian territory. Pakistani forces are still attempting to infiltrate Kashmir and take control of it.

Kashmir’s Natural Beauty

Essay-On-Kashmir-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadKashmir is well-known for its natural beauty. The magnificent snow-covered mountains, the wonderful atmosphere, and so much more. It is also known as the h’s paradise, so you can image how lovely it would be to be given this name.


People come to visit, yet they go with so many memories. This allows them to enjoy the whole scene again and over throughout their lives. People perceive Kashmir’s beauty in every aspect of it, whether it’s the towering trees covered with this now, the rivers, or the temples.

Tourist Attraction

1625966859_95_Essay-On-Kashmir-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211-ReadKashmir is one of India’s most popular tourist destinations. There are many temples, rivers, and scenic locations to explore. If you go to Kashmir even once in your life, you will never forget it. You might picture the beauty for the rest of your life, and you’ll always tell your friends and family members about it.

Terrorism is a serious issue.

Essay-On-Money-Cant-Buy-Happiness-For-Students-8211-ReadMany locations in Kashmir are so breathtakingly gorgeous that we can’t even begin to describe them. It is necessary to visit that location in order to appreciate its beauty. Apart from Kashmir’s beauty and grandeur, there is one more element that puts it in the spotlight.

It is nothing to the rest of the world, but it is a major issue for the people of Kashmir. Terrorism is the most serious issue in Kashmir, owing to its proximity to Pakistan. The nation that is always attempting to annex Kashmir and make it a part of Pakistan.

As a result, the people of Kashmir confront many challenges, and no one is willing to live in the midst of terrorism today. They have gone through a lot, and they continue to be victims of terrorism.

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Kashmir is the largest and the most beautiful of the three regions that constitute the state of Jammu and Kashmir, which is a part of India. It has the most interesting architecture and rich culture, and it is also the most romantic. You will be able to spend an interesting time in this land if you know how to interact with the local people.. Read more about short essay on beauty of kashmir in urdu and let us know what you think.

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