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International Day of Families is a day to celebrate the importance of family and the love that children have for their parents. It has been celebrated since 1992, and it’s important to remember that families are not just made up of two people.

The essay about family day 100 words is an essay that discusses the importance of families in students’ lives.


The International Day of Families is observed on May 15th to raise awareness of the importance of families in one’s life. Although life is short, people have their own families. A family consists of a mother, father, sister, and brother, who all complete the family. Family is very important because without the mother and father, there is no life for the children.




There is some kind of happiness in the family because without the family there is no, today there are many of the problems create for the family this causes due to the diseases the family are lost and this can reduce the part of the family we should always think that families are the first priority of the people, if we lost our families with any of the incidents then there will be no eyes of us because according to me my families are my eyes without them I can’t see the world, as if the families are not there then we can’t come to this world, there is the support of the families in every walk of the life because without the families there is no life and whenever we fall in any of the situations only the parents are those who support if we are wrong also, So life is extremely essential to us, and our families are especially so.


What Is The Purpose Of The International Day Of Families?  


The international families day is observed to emphasize the importance of families and to raise public awareness about them. On this day, the happiness of families and the supportive nature of families can be seen, and this is some of the most precious time with families that we can’t get back if we want, and that we can’t buy again, so we must enjoy it while we can.

We should always be happy with our families while we are alive, as this will make loving time, and we should never disrespect the families and their love. There are some people who will never take their family if they get a new family, and this is a true fact in India and many other countries. Old age homes are where people send their families because they believe that the families are like parents.

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The family day out essay is an essay that discusses the importance of family.

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