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The Indian Army needs no introduction, we all have love, respect, and appreciation for our soldiers and the Indian Army.

As we all know, the Indian army has a long and illustrious history, so it’s hard to talk about everything in such a small space.

Indian Army Essay 200 words:

The Indian Armed Forces are divided into three parts: the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy.

The Indian Army is a land unit, while the Indian Air Force is an air defense unit and the Indian Navy a naval unit.

Our Indian army is the second largest in the world with approximately 1.23 million soldiers and 9.6 billion reservists.

The Indian army has the primary responsibility to protect the country from land attacks.

It also assists other agencies in the fight against terrorism, national emergencies, and the rescue of people in the event of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, etc. It also assists other agencies in the fight against terrorism, national emergencies, and the rescue of people in the event of natural disasters.

The current Chief of Staff (COAS) is General Bipin Rawat (since 2018). Because the Indian army is very large, it is divided into regiments.

Some important shelves: Punjabi, Madras, Rajputana, Dryland, etc.

It also has its own intelligence service, Military Intelligence or MI for short.

The Indian army (under British rule) took part in the First and Second World Wars before independence. Since independence, it has been involved in several major wars, such as the Kargil War (1999), the Bangladeshi Liberation War (1971), the Indo-Pakistan War (1965), the Indochina War (1962), and the First Kashmir War (1947).

In addition, the Indian Army has also been involved in some minor conflicts such as the Battle of Siachen (1984), Operation Polo (1948), the Indo-Chinese conflict (1967), etc. The Indian Army has also been involved in a number of small conflicts.

There is no doubt that our Indian army is one of the best armies in the world.

Indian Armyessay – 300 words:

The question of the importance of the Indian Army in India is just like the question of the importance of the heart in the human body.

It’s fair to say that without the Indian army there would be no India, it’s the backbone of the country.

It is one of the few institutions in the country that can be considered completely neutral and credible.

When something is really bad in the country, we look to the military for solutions, whether it’s riot control, counter-terrorism, contra-Naxalites, or even medals at international sporting events.

The interest of the Indian Army:

The main role of the Indian army is to protect our country from external and internal threats, as it has subtly proven on many occasions.

Since its independence, it has fought five great wars, successfully resolved many smaller conflicts, and won wars even if its enemies had better weapons.

For example, in 1965 Pakistan had Patton tanks (donated by the United States), which were considered invincible at the time.

India had nothing against these Patton tanks, but the Indian army was able to defeat the Pakistani tanks at the battle of Asala in the north.

Hawaldar Abdul Hamid got into his jeep and destroyed six Pakistani tanks with a rifle in the back and was killed trying to destroy a seventh.

For this, he received India’s highest military award, the Chakra Paramvir. It is believed that the Americans have come to India to study the methods and equipment used to destroy their invincible Patton tanks.

India would have rejected its request.

The Indian army has also successfully dealt with many riots, such as those in Godhra, 1992 in Mumbai, 1984, and so on.

It also engages in anti-terrorist activities in Jammu and Kashmir. Some 1.23 million people live in some northeastern states.

He has also brought many top athletes to our country. These include Milkha Singh, Rajavardhan Rathore, Vijay Kumar, Major Dhyanchand, and so on.


The Indian Army is one of the best armies in the world. It is capable of dealing with any threat from the outside and from the inside. All in all, we can say that the Indian army is the soul of our country.

an essay on the Indian army

Indian Army Essay 400 words:

If you randomly choose someone and ask them about the birthdays of movie stars, politicians, athletes, etc., they will be asked about them: When and why?  Indian Army Day?

Chances are there’s no answer.

The problem is, it’s given us a lot. One is free and demands nothing in return.

Now, we assumed that if we slept in our comfortable homes, we’d be obliged to have someone on the perimeter.

Indian Army Day:

I think occasions like Armed Forces Day, Republic Day, and the like are certainly festive, but I think we should also think about these days.

Why does everyone want to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc.? But very few of us want to be soldiers.

As far as ceremonies are concerned, Army Day is officially celebrated every year on the 15th. January celebrated in Amar Jawan Jyoti, Gateway India in New Delhi.

The day began in 1949 with various events such as military parades, cultural events, etc. The day is a holiday for the people of the region.

Some schools and community organizations also celebrated Armed Forces Day.

On this day, our first army chief, Lieutenant General K.M., celebrates the appointment. Cariappa.

The story of his appointment is also very interesting. The story is that Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru met with senior army officers and ministers.

He proposed to give the position of First Army Chief to a British officer because Indian officers were inexperienced in this position.

The military resisted his presence and said that since we don’t have the experience to run a country, we should appoint a Brit as our prime minister.

Nehru realized his mistake and asked the man if he wanted to become an army chief first…

He asked Lt. Gene. C.M. for a name. Kariyappa, who was also there, became the first commander-in-chief of the army.


It is high time to redeem us and shows real respect for the soldiers, or there may come a day when there is no one left to defend our homeland.

Indian Army 500 words:

Growing up, I wondered what life was like as a soldier.

I assumed that this would be my bed of opposite roses, which was a real nightmare because I had to go to school, do my homework, remember the answers, go to exams and midterms, and I didn’t have time to play.

On the other hand, I thought a soldier in a fancy green uniform had to walk around with his gun.

The problem is that many adults think the same and don’t realize how wrong they are. Most people think it’s an ordinary 9-to-5 job, but that’s far from reality.

Life span army:

I told my father that I also wanted to be an officer like him (he served in the Territorial Army as a junior officer).

If anyone asks you: Why did I want to be an officer?

My answer was this: I’m gonna take a gun and a stick, and I’m gonna kill the bad guys with it. My father laughed his head off.

Now I know how much I was wrong. The reality is that this is one of the most difficult work situations and certainly not a walk in the park.

I learned from the media about working conditions in the army, but I soon realized that this was only half the truth.

The only way to get real information is to talk to real soldiers. Fortunately, my father and some of his friends (who also served in the army) agreed to share their stories.

They told me that their training days were difficult because the new environment was very different from the one they had worked in before.

In civil life 6:00 can mean 6:15 or even 6:30, but in military life 6:00 means exactly 6:00.

My father and his colleagues were often punished for being late. The punishment was usually rather complicated. He usually drove at full speed for about a mile.

After the morning PT, the physical endurance training started, which lasted several hours. Usually, the public thought that the coaches were the bad guys.

Once, my father and his colleagues were denied water after a ten-mile run. His reaction was expected. Then he made a joke about the instructor.

Then there was another lesson in theory. It’s been one night. The cadets played all sports, including football, volleyball, basketball, etc.

Time passed and my father’s training was over.

It was used in many places, but it had the message that he said it was the hardest. For this he also received a medal for bravery.


My dad says if you want a normal life, the army isn’t for you, but if you want to push the boundaries and be a little adventurous, you should join the army.

Indian Army Essay 600 words:

There are few institutions left in the country and if these institutions fail, the country will cease to exist.

The Indian army is one of them.

Many institutions in the country that were neutral and impartial (I won’t mention them) are corrupt, but somehow the Indian army has managed to remain neutral and impartial all these years.

Role of the Indian Army in relation to the country:

All the country’s institutions contribute to nation-building.

It’s like different parts of the body are in sync. It would be good to say that the Indian Army is like the heart of the Corps. When it stops, the whole body (the nation) stops.

The army plays many roles. Some of them are explained below.

Indian Army – United Force: 1Б9

We all know that the Indian Army is our first line of defense. It has protected us from many foreign invasions (5 big wars and several other small conflicts).

It also helps other agencies to combat terrorism, extremism, public order, civil unrest, and so on. Its professionalism and secular character are undeniable.

That’s why it’s a unifying force.

When our country won the Kargil War, the whole country (I mean everyone, regardless of caste, creed, or gender) celebrated the event.

The only thing that has that effect is cricket, I think.

There are people of all faiths in the Indian Army. There is no discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, sect, etc. That’s why it’s a unifying force.

Indian Army – Our pet:

Instructions such as friend or guardian cannot be sent to another agency. That’s because if something goes wrong, the Indian army doesn’t.

Numerous examples can be cited to support this argument. In addition to his main tasks, he has many other riot control functions to perform.

When the police and other authorities are unable to control the situation, the Indian army is called upon to intervene and has so far been 100% successful.

Some big riots that were controlled by the army, Sikh riots, Mumbai riots, Godhra riots, etc. were also controlled by the army.

In disasters such as floods and earthquakes, the Indian army is involved because of the lack of coordination and training in institutions other than the Indian army.

Even in sports, we depend on the Indian army to bring medals in international sports such as the Common Games, the Asian Games, the Olympic Games, and so on.

Some of the best players like Milkha Singh, Rajyavardhan Rathore, Vijay Kumar, Dhyanchand, Jitu Rai, Ram Singh Yadav are army players.

Indian Army Essay is a good and excellent employer.

The lucky ones are said to be those who have been selected for the Indian Army, which is considered a very good employer because of its salary and bonuses and is one of the largest providers of jobs in the country.

Indian Hand – producers of honest and loyal people.

My dad said it, and I totally agreed with him.

He said: Honey, what you learn in military training is certainly useful in your military career and also very useful in civilian life.

There are many people in civilian life who are doing very well because they served in the army or received military training at some point.



Conclusion on the position of the Indian Army:

Finally, we are lucky to have an institution like the Indian Army, without which we could never have survived. Jai Hind.


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