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India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and it is home to a diversity of ethnicities, religions, and languages.

The my country essay 100 words is an essay that discusses the history of India.



We get a better understanding of India’s culture and hard work the more we talk about it. Today, India is classified as a developing country across the globe, yet everyone knows that if India had not been governed for so many decades, it would be one of the world’s most developed nations.

India’s rulersEssay-on-India-my-Country-For-Students-in-Easy-Words

If we speak about Indian history, there have been a lot of different rulers who have put India through a lot of difficulty without realizing the repercussions. First, India was governed by its own rulers, each of whom had their own kingdoms to reign over. They were all united in their desire to do whatever they wanted in their kingdoms.


After then, the moguls appeared and began conquering all of the kingdoms governed by Hindu monarchs, gradually and methodically establishing themselves as the moguls’ rulers. Indian monarchs fought back against this danger, but it was difficult since we didn’t realize that the people or Moguls who were assaulting us were gathering together, while we were fighting them individually. So the estimate was something like 1000 troops against 10,000 warriors, but something went wrong, and this was the cause for defeating all of the Indian Kings.

Following this, while the moguls were governing, another thread, known as the Britishers, arrived into our nation and removed the Mogul regulations from the land and began controlling the country on their own. Fighting the British was not simple, and it took 200 years to prove that we were capable of doing it. After all of this hard work, we were granted freedom on August 15, 1947, which is also our country’s Independence Day.


India’s Economic Growth1625967136_294_Essay-on-India-my-Country-For-Students-in-Easy-Words

When we compare India’s progress to that of developed countries, we are now classified as a developing nation. But suppose for a moment if none of these scenario occurred in India. What would be the current situation in India? We can’t begin to fathom how powerful and competent India has become.

The nations that call themselves superpowers now would beg India for its knowledge and ideas, but India had to overcome so many obstacles that it would not have been a developed country. When it is making every effort to become one, but in the present scenario, it is on its way to become one of the developed nations.

In India, democracy is defined as a system that allows each individual to talk freely about whatever is on their thoughts. They may ask anybody any question since they live in a democratic nation. If you have a legitimate question, you can pose it to anyone, even the country’s Prime Minister.


This my country essay in english is an essay on India. It is meant for students who are looking to write about their own country.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I write my country essay in India?

You can use the following resources to help you write your essay on your country.

What can I do for my country as a student essay?

One of the most important things you can do for your country is participate in elections. If you are not yet old enough to vote, there are other ways to help out. You could join a political party, run for office yourself, or start a campaign that raises awareness about an issue.

What is India my country?

India is a country in South Asia.

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