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Green environment is a topic that has been discussed for a long time. There are many people who have written about this subject in their essays and articles. This essay will try to give you a good understanding of what green environment means, how it can be achieved, and the benefits of going green.

The short essay on clean environment is a short essay that can be read by students in easy words. It has been written so that the reader will understand the importance of having a clean environment and how to keep it clean.



Because a green, healthy environment produces a healthy society, our lives are totally reliant on it. The environment supplies all of the necessities for living. God’s wonderful gift to mankind and all living creatures is our green environment.

As a result, we are giving your environmental essay today in order to raise awareness of the environment and to highlight the significance of the natural environment.


What is the definition of the environment?

1625967213_868_Essay-On-Importance-Of-Tree-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsThe whole cosmos is surrounded by an environment. Our surrounds are made mostly of greenery. The environment is everything that surrounds us. We receive clean water, pure air, pure food, natural plants, and so on from the environment.

All creatures, trees, and plants, including people, are totally reliant on the environment. Life cannot be conceived without the environment, since the environment is the sole foundation for life on Earth. It is essential to live in a clean and green environment in order to live a happy and healthy life.

Our natural environment is under jeopardy.

1625962635_892_Essay-On-Rainwater-Harvesting-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Today, while science has pushed technology and the globe has seen much growth, the environment has suffered as a result of modernization and industrialisation.

The environment not only aids in the development and maintenance of life, but it also has the potential to destroy it. The environment contributes to the climate’s balance and the weather cycle’s continuity. Humans and the environment, on the other hand, are immediately complimentary to one another and both are totally reliant on one another.


If the environment is harmed for whatever cause, natural or man-made, it has a direct impact on our life. People nowadays are harvesting trees and plants in the woods for their own selfishness and greed, as well as encouraging pollution by exploiting natural resources, with the result that our green environment is contaminated.

Efforts to Preserve the Environment


  • Industries should appropriately dispose of corrosive materials and hazardous smoke.
  • The cleanliness of the surroundings should be given special consideration.
  • There should be an increase in the number of trees and plants planted.
  • Tree cutting should be prohibited indiscriminately.
  • Vehicles should only be utilized in severe circumstances.
  • For the disposal of tainted and dangerous chemicals, strict regulations should be established.
  • People should raise awareness of the environment’s significance.

Today is World Environment Day.

Essay-on-Green-Environment-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211World Environment Day is observed to raise awareness of the significance of a green environment and to encourage people to maintain the environment clean and green. It is observed between June 5 and June 16 to raise awareness about the environment and to educate people about its significance. On this day, awareness activities are held in a variety of locations.


 We are part of the environment, which is vital to everyone’s survival since life on Earth is only feasible in a green and clean environment. Our green environment is being more polluted as a result of human negligence.

This is a problem that everyone, particularly our children, should be aware of. Parents should instill in their children the value of the environment and the need of keeping it clean from an early age.


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