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Are you a student? Do you want to get a better grade in your exams? Do you want to give a piece of your heart to the children in your school? Do you want to help the flood victims yet? If yes, then you should help the victims of flood victims by donating something.

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We can say that a flood is a natural disaster that occurs in some places because of heavy rainfall and all the water flows into the river, only the river cannot handle the high water level, So the flood takes place in the area where there is a river and it happens suddenly when we are sleeping and the water surrounds the house, many people become homeless because of the severe floods, the crops are destroyed because of the power of the water and when the water has more power than the human and all the animals are washed away by the water.

Consequences of floods

Floods cause many problems, sometimes there is no water power, but when water comes during a flood then there is a huge loss of life and property, all the livestock and people are washed away and all the houses are also damaged by the water, People become homeless, there is a huge loss of crop for the farmers and at that time all the people in the country also suffer because of the loss of crop, no action taken by the government for this problem and the economy of the country comes to a loss and this is done because of the floods.

Causes of flooding

Nowadays, for the development of the country, all the forests are cut down and the channels of the rivers are closed for the construction of factories or industries, which leads to the closure of the small channels of the small rivers and during the monsoon season, there is a problem of flooding because the water cannot flow and has no good place to accumulate and all the parts can be washed away by the river because the river bed is very small and the river cannot handle the excess water. Flooding because the water cannot flow and collect in a suitable place, so not all parts can be washed away.

Flood protection

Engineers, for example, must have the necessary skills. B. Adequate water channels and dams should be built on the major rivers to collect the water so that it can flow to the oceans or other rivers, thus reducing the risk of flooding.

The government also needs to address this problem because the agricultural fields will also suffer, which could weaken the country’s economy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are floods in simple words?

Floods are a natural disaster that occurs when the water level rises beyond its normal limits.

What is flood explain in 100 words?

A flood is a natural disaster that occurs when a body of water, such as a river or lake, overflows its banks and submerges surrounding land.

What is flood in short paragraph?

A flood is a natural disaster that occurs when a body of water, such as a river or lake, overflows its banks and spreads across land.

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