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A festival is an event marked with special activities and celebrations held for a particular purpose. It is usually of religious or cultural significance, and it’s often held to commemorate or mark significant life events such as birthdays, weddings, or holidays.

The festivals is an essay on the festival of India for students. It is in easy words and can be read here.


There are many distinct kinds of culture and customs throughout the globe, and people around the world celebrate them.

As there are many kinds of culture, there are various sorts of festivals that are celebrated in each culture, and a festival is an event that is celebrated by a group of people coming together in all religious festivals. And there are different types of culture in each country, and their festivals are also different. For example, in India, most people celebrate religious festivals because there are many religions in India, including Hindu, Muslim, Christian, and other religions, all of which have different types of festivals.


India’s Festivals


India is a cosmopolitan nation, and numerous festivals are celebrated with tremendous pleasure and happiness in India. In India, there are a total of 29 states, and each state has its own festival that is celebrated with joy by the people. Because India is a secular nation, there are numerous celebrations. People attend every festival, regardless of whether it is a religious holiday or not, and they generally do so in groups.

The Indian government provides vacations to commemorate the occasion. Many religious holidays are observed, such as Diwali, Holi, and many other Hindu festivals, while Muslims celebrate Eid, Ramzan, and other Muslim festivals. Christians celebrated Christmas as the start of the new year.

Many faiths have distinct new year dates, such as Maharashtrians having Gudi Padwa as their new year, and many other religions having different new year dates. People who follow Sikhism and Jainism celebrate the new year on various days. Many religious people celebrate their festivals, however the majority of the people of India, as well as those who participate in various religion festivals, commemorate this holiday with tremendous pleasure and happiness.


In India, the Religious Festival is Celebrated



There are many religious festivals that are equally celebrated by the people in India, and there are also many ways of celebrating these festivals in different religions. For example, in the Muslim religion, people celebrate Ramzan Eid, and at these festivals, people distribute sweets such as shirkurma all over the neighbors, and there are also many ways of celebrating these festivals in different religions.

In India, there are many different temples being built for various faiths, and Hindus visit temples. Christian attends church. Muslims visit Mosques, whereas other faiths, such as Punjabis, visit Gurdwaras, and many religious people visit various temples.

So these religious people go to their temples to celebrate different festivals, such as when there is a Hindu festival like Diwali, people go to the temple first to pray to their god, and when there are question festivals like Good Friday and Easter day, people go to the church to celebrate their festivals.

Generally, the new year is a celebration that is celebrated all across India on the night of December 31st with all religious people in attendance, and it is not only celebrated in India but also in other nations. As there are many holidays observed in India, the people get together to celebrate each one with tremendous pleasure and happiness.

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