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This essay is meant to be read by high school students. The introduction will provide a definition of dramatic poetry, the three different types of dramatic poems, and what makes them so special. The body will then go on to talk about how these poems are used in English classes, as well as why they are important for students to know about.

The essay on dramatic poesy assignment is an essay that discusses the importance of drama in literature. It also includes a list of examples from Shakespeare, Chaucer, and others.



What was the taste of men and women during the time of Dryden? The poem deals with the main critics and people’s tastes. The ideas, on the other hand, were more intriguing after being transformed into a semi-drama.

Shakespeare had a casual approach toward genre mixing, and as a result, he had to put up with a lot of criticism throughout the 17th century. The Dryden raised Shakespeare to the pinnacle for this.


The Dramatic Poesy Summary

Essay-On-Dramatic-Poesy-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211There was a conflict between the Netherlands and England at the time. Crites, Eugenius, Lisideius, and Neander were the names of the four males. These four, on the other hand, were going by boat to witness the battle and had a lengthy conversation based on contemporary literature.

Crites’ Perspective

1625968336_975_Essay-On-Dramatic-Poesy-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The Crites was a supporter of classical theater throughout the debate. He is a firm believer in theater as a kind of life imitating. Modern dramas, he claims, are a mirror of ancient plays. He goes on to argue that the most skilled language is found in classical theater.

Eugenius’ Point Of View

Essay-On-Dramatic-Poesy-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211In comparison to the Crites, Eugenius had a distinct perspective on plays. He is a fan of contemporary dramas. Eugenius was less concerned with extolling the advantages of modernity and more concerned with critiquing the flaws of classical playwrights.


Eugenius argues that classical plays lack creativity and love, and that the dramas are not split into acts correctly. He said that the audience is already familiar with the humor and myth that the playwright employs in ancient plays.

Eugenius used Homer’s play heroes as an example, noting that the hero was enamored with eating, among other things, while the contemporary figure gave up everything.

The View From Lisieux

1625968338_434_Essay-On-Dramatic-Poesy-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211Lisidieus was a supporter of early-seventeenth-century French theatre. According to Lisidieus, the French playwright never combines tragedy with humor in his work.

He went on to explain that French dramatists constantly mix fact and fantasy, and that in order to make the play more fascinating, they delve into history. Rather than plots, the French theatre focuses on feeling.

Neander’s Point Of View

1625968338_430_Essay-On-Dramatic-Poesy-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211The grandeur of Elizabethans is supported by Neander. According to him, the Elizabethans were the only ones who had met the drama’s requirements. He also believes that the sad and comedic elements of the drama are the most enjoyable.

Both sorrow and pleasure are shown in Elizabethan theater, and one may easily connect it to their own lives. The Neander believes that a subplot may enhance a drama, but French theatre lacks this quality since the playwright concentrates only on the main storyline.

Neander believed that natural acting might be produced if the performer was given more time.


All four companions arrived safely at their destination. The buddy came to no conclusion on the event.

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John Dryden is a highly regarded English poet. His work was among the first to be published in America and he helped shape the English language as we know it today. Reference: john dryden.

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