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Diwali, which means “the lamps” in Sanskrit, is a Hindu festival to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness. Its name comes from the word Deepavali meaning “row of lights”. It is celebrated by Hindus and Sikhs throughout India with much pomp and ceremony.

Diwali is a Hindu festival, celebrated in India and Nepal. It is the Festival of Lights when Hindus light lamps and candles to illuminate their homes. Diwali is also known as Deepavali or the “Festival of Lights”. Read more in detail here: short essay on diwali in english.



Diwali is a festival of lights in which the whole home is adorned with lights and many other decorations; however, for young children, Diwali is just a time to burn fire crackers and have fun with their pals.

Diwali does not have a set date, although it occurs every year following the Dussehra celebration in October or November, which lasts approximately 20 days.


Diwali is also known as the festival of sweets because during the festival, people make a lot of sweets like laddu and other snacks at home and share them with their friends and family. Small children also enjoy eating these homemade snacks and have a lot of fun eating them with their friends and family.

Diwali is the key to all pleasure because people go shopping during this holiday and there are numerous discounts, making buying easier and allowing people to buy more items for less money.



Diwali is usually celebrated by igniting a great number of firecrackers and creating a loud noise, as well as lighting up the whole city with firecracker lights.

Diwali is a five-day celebration, but before that, the house and its surroundings are cleaned and adorned in preparation for Diwali.

Also, sweets and snacks cooked at home are prepared ahead of time and shared on Diwali days.

Everyone took a special bath on the first day of Diwali with a fragrant oil or powder that is a combination of herbal plants, and the bath is known as Holy bath, also known as abhyanga can.

The girls or ladies create a magnificent rangoli outside their house on the first day and place an oil lamp known as a Diya on the road to light up the door.

The young children then congregate outside the home and begin to set off firecrackers, which create a loud noise that the tiny children love.




Lord Rama finished 14 years of one was in which he defeated the evil King Ravana, and Diwali is celebrated in his honor.

When Lord Rama returned to the hamlet, the hours had been completely removed, and the whole village had been lit.

Diwali is also celebrated as the triumph of good over evil, implying that you should get rid of all your bad things, convert your negative conduct to good, and live a happy life.

In Bengal, the Diwali festival is commemorated and devoted to Mother Kali, the Rain Goddess, who is worshipped.



Because Diwali is a lighting celebration, the firecrackers that are lit create significant air and noise pollution.

The rocket, which has caused much damage to many things, is also a very dangerous firecracker. It goes anywhere and fires the place. There are many cases available in which the body parts of a human have been damaged due to the burning of firecrackers. Also, the most dangerous firecracker is the rocket, which has caused much damage to many things.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you write a Diwali essay?

A: It is a little hard to answer that question without going into detail about what exactly does or does not constitute Diwali.

What is the essay of Diwali?

A: Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, where people light lamps and candles to celebrate. Its a joyous fall celebration that marks the start of winter in India.

How can we celebrate Diwali in online?

A: Diwali is a Hindu festival that falls on the dark half of the month Kartik. Its an important holiday for many different religions, so there are quite a few ways to celebrate it online! Some people have said they light candles and pray before their main screen as well as others say they watch Netflix or play video games with other Hindus in chatrooms.

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