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In the last few decades, there has been a huge deforestation across the world. This is because of factors such as climate change and population growth.

The short essay on deforestation is an essay that discusses the effects of deforestation. It was written by a student who is studying environmental science and conservation biology.


Deforestation is the removal of trees from large areas such as forests. There will be a significant amount of land contamination as a result of this deforestation and chopping of trees and woods.

Trees and woods are essential for our ecosystem, and if they are not there, they may cause significant harm to our environment.


People chopped down trees for their jobs and did not consider environmental issues. People cut down the entire forest for their own needs to build houses and industries.

Paper is also made from wood from trees. The forest covers the largest amount of land, and if it is chopped down, the ecosystem would suffer greatly. These forests are vital not only for the environment, but also for animals.

Deforestation Causes


The rural, urban, and corporate sectors all have a significant impact on the causes of deforestation. People in rural areas chop down trees for their personal usage and livelihood. These individuals chop down trees for the purpose of building a house or for lighting a fire.

These people were frantic to chop down trees because they couldn’t live without them since they couldn’t cook without them because they’re needed for cooking.

People in rural regions can’t survive without forests and trees, therefore they chop them down and clear a huge area of forest to make a livelihood.

People in metropolitan regions chop down trees since there are more people and buildings being created every day. As a result, forest areas are being cut down and numerous buildings are being developed for the people.


Due to the high number of places in the forest, people attempted to chop down the trees in such areas in order to get a big quantity of land for construction. Forest had to be chopped down in all areas, and it is very detrimental to the ecology when there are no trees.

There is tree cutting in the corporate sector as well, as many businessmen want to develop their industries in a variety of locations, thus they chop down these forests areas and try to construct their industries in the land of the forest area so that they may expand their company extensively.

Most government employees and officials are complicit in deforestation because they allow these individuals to chop down trees and forests. They did not adequately fulfill their duties, and as a result, the ecosystem has been harmed.

Deforestation’s Consequences


Deforestation of trees has a significant impact on the environment cycle because forest trees absorb carbon dioxide that people breath and produce oxygen that humans need.

Without trees, pollution occurs, and pollution is very hazardous to people. Humans should not chop down trees in order to live in harmony with nature; instead, they should recycle them and continue to grow new trees in order to get clean oxygen. As a result, we should not chop down trees and instead plant more and more trees in order to survive in this ecosystem.

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The deforestation paragraph pdf is an essay on deforestation for students in easy words. It discusses the effects of deforestation and how it has caused many problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is deforestation short essay?

Deforestation is the removal of a forest or woodland area, whether deliberate or incidental.

What is deforestation essay introduction?


How do you start a deforestation essay?

First, you need to define the terms. What is deforestation?

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