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The word corruption has been used in many contexts, but what does it really mean?

Bribery and corruption essay is a problem that exists in many countries. Corruption is a serious issue, which has been present for a long time. The essay on bribery and corruption was written to help people understand the issue better.



Corruption is defined as individuals who abuse their positions of authority for personal gain. It is an example of a foolish conduct committed by greedy individuals with different levels of authority and resources. Corruption is a crime that has a negative impact on our country.

Corruption Victims

Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadPeople in authority take advantage of the ordinary guy through corruption. This crime affects both the middle and lower classes. Corruption is so pervasive in our country that many individuals are willing to give up their lives because they can no longer bear it.


Corruption is a contagious disease.

1625968870_61_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadCorruption is a kind of bug that is always present in society. Yes, it may abandon us for a while, but not indefinitely. Many individuals have been compelled to commit suicide as a result of this illness.

Hospitals and Corruption

1625968871_277_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadDoctors have been entrusted with the role of god, yet for the sake of profit, some doctors and other hospital employees engage in unethical behavior.

It is most often observed in government hospitals, where corruption is perpetrated by displaying nonavailability of medication, replacing the initial medicament with a duplicate, performing needless operations, and so on.

Department of Revenue

1625968871_729_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadMany instances have been reported in India. Officers commit corruption in the name of individual taxation or treatment.

a driver’s license

1625968872_732_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadMany new drivers are unable to drive correctly but ask for a license nonetheless, and although knowing the reality, they allow the license to be issued for the sake of money. The RTO officials are tampering with the lives of the driver and others.


In the System of Education

1625968873_812_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadIf two students both got 90 percent and are qualified for the entrance test, but one scored 65 percent but can pay the money under the table, the student who scored 65 percent will have an easier time getting in than the student who scored 90 percent.

Anti-Corruption Laws

Essay-on-India-of-my-Dreams-For-Students-in-EasyHere are some of the government’s anti-corruption legislation, which anybody facing the same problem may use.

Informational Right

1625968874_231_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadAccording to the 2005 Right to Information Act, everyone has the right to know the truth about any issue or commission. As a result, the rate of corruption has decreased to a degree.

The Acts of Lokpal and Lokayukta  

Since January 16, 2014, the Lokpal Act has been in effect. The act is being carried out in order to investigate allegations of corruption against public officials.

Job Comparisons Between Government and Private Sector

1625968875_517_Essay-On-Corruption-In-Simple-Language-For-Students-8211-ReadWithout a doubt, working for the government allows us to serve our motherland, and even after a person’s death, the future of their family members is assured. However, becoming a government employee is a difficult task.

Only those with a more solid history are eligible to apply, since even after passing the entrance exam for a government position, the higher officer demanded the corruption.

Nowadays, private sector jobs are much superior than government jobs because private sector employers give preference to those who deserve it based on qualifications.


Humans have lost sight of their responsibilities; for them, everything is about money. It is necessary to raise one’s voice in order to eradicate this social crime.

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Corruption in administration essay is a very common and controversial topic. There are many different definitions for corruption. The definition that I will use is the one given by Merriam-Webster dictionary which defines corruption as the abuse of public office for private gain. Reference: corruption in administration essay.

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