Essay On Corruption In India For Student In Easy Words

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Corruption has always been a part of the Indian society, and will continue to be for a long time to come. It is a flaw of the society and a drawback when compared to some of the developed nations of the world. The society believes that a person’s position in the society is based on what he has been given, be it his raw talent, his hard work or his ability to get things done. People have no idea how hard it is to reach a certain point not because of talent, but because of the system that has been set up. The system is about the society’s way of life, and the way it has evolved over the years. It is not fair to blame the system, but rather the people who have benefited from it

Corruption in society is a significant issue that has arisen from time to time in many forms. Corruption is mostly committed by well-known major leaders in our society, and these individuals do significant harm to our community.

In today’s world, the primary scenario is that individuals who perform their jobs correctly and without corruption are unrecognizable in modern society, and these people are seen as fools, while those who take advantage of corruption and do their jobs illegally have a significant influence on society.

Political parties and criminals are the primary perpetrators of corruption. In today’s world, corruption has become a localized problem that can be solved quickly.

For example, if someone wants a government job but is not qualified, he pays the additional money, which is corrupt money, to obtain the position, and he can easily receive the government job.

India’s Corruption


In India, corruption is created by political parties because they have power and use that authority to do whatever they want; these individuals do not consider the country’s laws and regulations.

Because of this person’s corruption inside the nation, our country’s economic development has slowed significantly. Indian politics is a very terrible political problem in our country, since it is the source of the majority of corruption.

The Indian administration has been tainted by this political party. As a result, our country’s development has not been set extremely high in economic values, as a result of individuals corruption in the Indian economy.

. Our Indian government should take steps to address this and eliminate the corrupt political parties.

The Indian government has taken measures.


The Right to Information Act is one example of a measure adopted to combat corruption. The government has supplied all information regarding the taxes we have paid and what they do with the tax money under these right to information acts.

Because of the government’s intervention, people may express their opinions and ask questions about any issues they may have.

Another step done by the government is the creation of the central vigilance commission, which, in the event that a complaint is made against corruption, assumes responsibility and resolves all issues that have arisen.

There have also been strict rules against corruption, and numerous judicial centers have been established, making it impossible for the guilty to flee.

All in all, this administration is emphasizing the importance of fighting corruption and attempting to eradicate it from society as a whole.

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Corruption is a very common term in political science. There is something called the abstract theory of corruption, or the theory of “free-riding” which has been widely studied and researched. Corruption is the most important and basic characteristic of the human society. However, this was quite difficult to prove, because of the lack of precise definitions. In order to clarify the meaning of corruption, various theories have been proposed, and they are as follows:. Read more about essay on corruption in english for class 12 and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is corruption in India essay?

Corruption is a form of dishonesty or betrayal in which a person or institution entrusted with a position of authority, power, responsibility, or trust abuses that position for their own benefit.

What is corruption in simple words essay?

Corruption is the abuse of power for personal gain. It can take many forms, such as bribery, extortion, embezzlement and nepotism.

How do you write a corruption essay?

To write a corruption essay, you should first identify the issue that you are going to be discussing. You should then provide an overview of the issue and its effects on society. Next, you will need to discuss how this issue has been handled by various groups in society. Finally, you will need to discuss what can be done about this issue in order to improve it.

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