Essay On Conserve Of Wildlife For Students & Children In Simple English

There are lot many people are unaware of the importance of preserving the wildlife of the world.  This essay is for all the students and children to know about the importance of preserving the wildlife for their future generations.

Most of us care for our world, whether it is our own immediate environment or the greater environment. The conserver of the environment is a very important person in our world. You may ask how much we care about the environment. Many of us care. In fact, we are conscious of the problems like pollution, global warming, depletion of natural resources and degradation of our environment.

Nature conservation serves to protect wildlife and many species and their habitats, as wildlife plays an important role in keeping the environment in balance, resilient to various natural processes.

Preserving wildlife for the future is the goal of conservation, and since many animals are being decimated because they are hunted by humans, many governments are instituting conservation programs to protect the animals and increase the species’ numbers.

To ensure the importance of wild animals for the future and of wild animals for humans, these wild animals are protected.

To protect wildlife, there are many non-governmental organizations and government agencies that work as nonprofit organizations to promote wildlife protection goals.

Importance of wildlife

There are many negative acts of man that are done to wild animals and so they become dangerous to the extent of animal species and their populations are decreasing, there are many animal species that are endangered and they too are becoming depleted and none of their species are left in the world and so these animals are slowly becoming depleted.

Climate change, such as global warming caused by man-made pollution, also affects animals. Indeed, global warming leads to hotter days without rain or water, and droughts become more severe, leaving animals without food or water, starving and dying for several days.

Wild animals maintain the balance of the natural chain, and when they are decimated, the natural chain is disrupted and the environment is degraded.

If there is a problem in the ecological chain, then the environment becomes harmful, and that is very harmful to humans and other species of life? Animals don’t live in houses, so they are exposed to a lot of climate change, natural disasters and all sorts of other things. Some of them are not protected and die, so the government has set up many reserves to protect the animals.

Protection of wild animals

In recent years there have been many cases of hunting and poaching, which have led to the disappearance of many species. People hunt all the beautiful animals they see for pleasure, but that pleasure leads to the death of species.

Hunting threatens many species of rhinos, elephants and other species, their populations are being decimated, the last male white rhino was recently killed and there are no rhinos left in the world because their species have been decimated. The governments of all countries must therefore protect animals from this and take measures to protect animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we conserve wildlife as a student?

Conservation is a big part of the curriculum at many schools. Students can learn about the importance of conservation by participating in school-sponsored activities such as planting trees, recycling, and volunteering for environmental organizations.

What is wildlife conservation essay?

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting and preserving natural ecosystems, wildlife, and their habitat.

How can we protect our wildlife essay?

We can protect our wildlife by not using pesticides, and by planting trees.

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