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Conservation of wildlife is the practice that involves protecting and preserving natural ecosystems. It is a process that aims to ensure ecological sustainability and avoid future extinctions. The main goal of conservation is to maintain biodiversity and prevent the extinction of species.

The conservation of wildlife essay 150 words is a short essay on the conservation of wildlife. It was written for students in easy words.



We are all aware that, just as people are essential in our ecosystem, so are wildlife species, animals, and plants. For the ecosystem’s equilibrium, there is an equal balance of these two.

Wildlife should be conserved for the sake of future generations’ pleasure of seeing and experiencing it. Wildlife is necessary, yet it has been endangered solely due to people. In addition, people are inflicting harm to animals in order to make a profit.


A Serious Threat to Wildlife

Essay-On-Conservation-Of-Wildlife-For-Students-In-Easy-WordsThere are many issues affecting wild animals in the forest as a result of human-caused issues. Certain animals are endangered as a result of human pollution, and rapidly changing climates as a result of global warming are causing problems for some species.

Because certain species need a particular environment, changes in the climate result in the death of animals and plants.

Some people hunt animals that are easily accessible, and after catching them, they sell their parts and seek for the greatest profit. The fewer species there are in the environment, the more unpredictable the hunting of animals is.

Pollution caused by people has a negative impact on both humans and animals, as well as vegetation. Animals are dying in large numbers as a result of pollution in the air and water.


1625963980_454_Essay-On-Wildlife-Protection-For-Students-In-Easy-Words-8211If animals are used for clothes, food, pets, medicine, and sports, and if species are utilized for many purposes, there will be fewer species living in the environment. This is referred to as ecological overexploitation.

Cutting down trees also creates numerous problems for the wildlife in the forest; for example, if a tree is chopped down, many birds dwell in the area and die as a result. As a result, the forest should be properly maintained, and the animals in the woods should be properly conserved.

The growth of the population has an impact on the animals in the forest; as the population grows, more trees are chopped down from the forest, and building activity is undertaken.

If the animals’ homes are removed, the creatures will die, or they will migrate to where people have established, causing a slew of problems for both the animals and humans.

Governmental Interventions

The government should take some of the measurements that will benefit nature and restore part of the ecosystem’s equilibrium. The Wild Life (Protection) Act was passed by the Indian government in 1972.

This legislation has an impact on NGOs who work to protect species that are abundant in our nation, such as the tiger. As a result, the government has made steps to improve wildlife protection and improve wildlife habitat.

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The wildlife conservation essay pdf is a short, easy to read essay on the topic of wildlife conservation for students.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is conservation of wildlife Short answer?

Conservation of wildlife is the protection and preservation of nature, including plants, animals, and habitats.

What is wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting and preserving wild animal populations, habitats, and natural ecosystems.

What is the importance of wildlife conservation?

Wildlife conservation is the practice of protecting and preserving natural ecosystems, especially wildlife, for the future.

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