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Biodiversity refers to the variety of living things in a particular place or time. In this article, I will discuss about the conservation of biodiversity. I will give an example on the “Dodo bird”.

Since the early 1990s, India has been a signatory to a number of international conventions on environmental and biodiversity conservation, including the biodiversity convention of the United Nations (UNC) of 1966, the convention on biological diversity of the UN (CBD) of 1992, the convention on conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) of 1973, and the biosphere reserve management convention of UNESCO (BSRM) of 1981. India has also ratified the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of 1971 and the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) of 1973.

Conservation is the process of maintaining a natural or wild ecosystem. It is the process of managing the interaction among all living beings and their environment to preserve the ecological processes and resources of a particular habitat. It is not a way of managing the natural environment or resources for current human use. It is the process of taking appropriate and effective measures for conservation.. Read more about essay on conservation of biodiversity in 200 words and let us know what you think.


Biodiversity is defined as a high degree of variation in plants and animals that remains in a given environment.

Biodiversity Types:

Biodiversity may be divided into three categories. Genetic variety, species diversity, and ecological diversity are all important components of a healthy ecosystem.

Genetic Variation

Essay-On-Conservation-Of-Biodiversity-For-Students-8211-Read-HereEvery species is linked to another via genetic connections. Because they carry genetic information, a creature that produces children is the closest relative. We may also identify species by comparing them to prospective mates and observing their intricate mating patterns.

In between the related species, the basic set of characteristics is established. Chimps, marmots, prairie dogs, and gray squirrels, for example, are all members of the squirrel family. These were all referred to as rodents since they all had the same number of teeth and structure. The rodent family includes all mammal species.

Now, mammals are linked by their backbones, have hair on their bodies, nurse their young with their own milk, and have three bones in the center of their ears.

Diverse Species

1625968956_359_Essay-On-Conservation-Of-Biodiversity-For-Students-8211-Read-HereSpecies diversity is the fundamental unit of biological categorization. There are ten million species on the planet, but only 1.75 million have a scientific name.

Diverse Ecosystems

1625968957_453_Essay-On-Conservation-Of-Biodiversity-For-Students-8211-Read-HereIn an ecosystem, many diverse species live side by side. Within them, the movement of energy, nutrients, and matter are all intertwined. The sun, for example, is the ultimate source of energy.

The radiant heat is now transformed to chemical energy by the plants, which are then consumed by animals, and when the animals die, fungus gain energy from the decomposition of their bodies. The nutrients are released back into the soil throughout the breakdown process, where the plants will regrow.

Biodiversity’s Benefits

Essay-On-Conservation-Of-Biodiversity-For-Students-8211-Read-HereBiodiversity plays a crucial part in the ecosystem’s proper operation. Biodiversity provides provisioning services such as genetic resources, food, clean water, wood, and fiber.

Seasons, illnesses, water quality, and pollination are all controlled by them.

Biodiversity provides recreational, artistic, and spiritual benefits as social services. One kind of service is nutrient cycling and soil formation.

Forests play a critical role in biodiversity protection. Carbon monoxide is the primary cause of forest decline in this area. We used to hear the cuckoo, but the bird has since disappeared owing to the unfavorable state of the environment, and people are now more aware of the significance of biodiversity protection.

Agriculture, cosmetics, medicine, paper, horticulture, construction, and other industries rely on both plants and animals. If we do not preserve biodiversity, it will have a negative impact on medicine, food supply, and traditional energy usage.

Humans and nature have an ethical connection. Humans destroy the connection with their harsh acts, and biodiversity is lost as soon as the link is broken.


Many non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are striving to preserve biodiversity all around the globe. On a personal level, everyone should be aware of their environmental responsibilities.

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Biodiversity is the variety of life forms, and different species (and their populations) are the most important components of biodiversity. It refers to the diversity of life forms and species of plants and animals that are present in a given ecosystem. The global population of fauna and flora is now around 24 million species. There are more than 7 million species of invasive species in the world, with global concern over the fast rate of species extinction. The conservation of biodiversity is an ongoing concern that needs to be addressed. The sustainable conservation of biological diversity is highly important and is necessary to ensure the survival of a variety of species.. Read more about essay on biodiversity and its conservation and let us know what you think.

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