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We are living in a warming planet and we have been for a long time. The figure of global warming has been asserted for a long time. The point that the earth is warming up has been more or less accepted by most of the people now. But, what are the reasons for that…

In the past decade of the 21st century, numerous studies have been published on the concerns surrounding global warming. All of these studies agree that global warming is real, and that its effects will be devastating. Most of these studies conclude that global warming is a result of the increased use of fossil fuels, and that the effects of global warming will be devastating to the Earth and its inhabitants.


Global warming is the biggest environmental problem facing the world today.

This is a major global warming issue facing all countries. This problem needs to be discussed by all countries and measures taken to halt its effects.

Global warming is due to an increase in greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and has therefore become dangerous to human living standards.

Global warming is throwing the ecological cycle out of balance, leading to disruptions in climate and biodiversity.

Global warming continues, and this process causes the temperature at the Earth’s surface to rise.

Global warming is mainly caused by humans, as humans disrupt natural processes through deforestation and many other things that can harm our nature, thus increasing the problem of global warming.

Increased global warming

Global warming is increasing day by day and therefore nature is out of control. Water evaporates from the earth into the atmosphere, creating greenhouse gases and warming the earth, which is very bad for human life.

With the increasing number of industrial plants in the world today, the harmful gases and toxins they emit are upsetting the balance of the environment. As a result, these gases destroy the ozone layer and therefore the sun’s ultraviolet rays act directly on the earth, leading to the problem of global warming.

The natural resources that we use today, and people have used these natural resources for their needs, and they have not taken care of the environment, and they have used unnecessary natural resources, and so they are used every day, and this can simultaneously lead to the end of the natural resources.

There are also many signs of global warming because many natural resources are happening and it is destroying the environment and many people and it is only in the hands of the people to stop doing things that can harm the environment and cause global warming.

Conclusion on global warming

Global warming is a serious problem for our society, and there are indications that global warming will change our weather conditions in the future, seriously endangering people’s lives.

To conclude the problem of global warming, we can say that all the politicians of the country should get together and find a solution to this problem, so that the climatic conditions become suitable, and for this they should use all energies and create their economic conditions to create excellent climatic conditions, and through this the problem of global warming can be solved gradually.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your conclusion about global warming?

Global warming is a natural phenomenon that has been occurring for thousands of years.

How do you conclude a climate change essay?

The conclusion of a climate change essay should include the following: -A summary of the main points in your essay. -A summary of how you feel about climate change. -A summary of what you think should be done to help the environment. The main points in my essay are that climate change is a real threat and that we need to take action now. I feel that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, recycle more, and use less plastic. I also think that we should invest in renewable energy sources like solar power and wind power. Finally, I think the government needs to do more about climate change because it’s an issue for everyone. I feel that climate change is a real threat and that we need to take action now. I think the government needs to do more about climate change because it’s an issue for everyone.

What are the results of global warming?

The results of global warming are that the Earth is getting warmer and warmer.


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